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As always I am a huge fan of superior customer service and expectations from support received for anything I purchase, contract through etc. If I am a customer, receiving excellent customer service is what I expect.

That may not be the case, unfortunately. Customer service tends to get too comfortable within their position to the point they start to assume what the consumer wants or needs. On the consumers end this can create a make or break in a client-vendor relationship. How do they know what the consumer needs when they haven’t taken the time to listen to what the issue or request is?

Working within customer service I have seen the most insulting tactics ever. Co-workers kicking calls, entering invalid notes from the conversation, transferring them to tech support when they could have corrected the needed issue, lack of follow up, promising things & never going through with it, etc……  It hurts to see that happen as I have experienced both sides, vendor & client, and having this be seen in live action gets under my skin.

Clients that pay, expect to receive exceptional & excellent customer service. Why neglect & abuse the hand that feeds you? The sales staff works hard to get deals in, close contracts and building relationships but they don’t sell to clients knowing them to be treated with a harsh customer service department. Having an a strong customer service department gives a cushion for the sales staff for selling product knowing their clients are going to be taken care of. This helps sales staff to get referrals, B2B business & up selling.

Strong customer service = Longer client relation = Higher retention rate

Once clients go into customer service / customer support, this is part of a relationship that can help clients stay with your business for a life time, if you stop & think like the client themselves.

What helps customer service department be strong in what they do?

Creating a strong customer service department is not easy as 1, 2, 3….! It takes a lot of work & time to perfect a department that is strong with communication skills, knowing needs, creativity,  assisting with not just tech support however a variety of skills to be combined into one & most important of all LISTEN!

Selling cars & being on the actual front line of what dealers do along with experiencing dealership operations helped me understand first hand their needs, wants, demands and so forth. Not having that experience would have prevented me from knowing the actual workings of a dealership. I had taken on every training option that was available at the dealership to help me better understand the workings. Getting your customer service team to experience a dealership operation will only help them.

Ask one of your clients if you can bring your team to their dealership for a day to experience the dealer’s life. It won’t hurt as it will only help. Dealers that know the means behind this tactic will encourage more to teach your team to be a strong successful department.

Building a team for a customer service department is a large task but will surely pay off in the long run. Have they sold
cars, worked within the office of the dealership, title clerk, finance, sales manager, internet department, business development, worked with the service department, customers, you name it. Knowing that your potential employee has worked within those departments can help you & your support team consists of a strong team.

What do you expect from customer service?

All opinions are solely based upon the author only. Jennifer Schrader