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As a Freelancing Blogger & Designer, I do get my fair share of negatives involved with some that I feel don’t understand however I don’t take it personal. I tread on it when it happens. The question “Why?” may come up by you & this is my answer! This can be taken full advantage of for yourself & the daily operations of your business regardless of what you do.

As using a mindset that is different, I have found out more positive outcome & business relationships build stronger by doing so.

With myself I am very open minded & will speak freely of what I feel and believe. We all do! It’s just human nature & how we communicate, learn, express & feed off of.  Negative press especially can capture more attention and spread like wildfire through the newsfeeds, social media (more than ever), & receive more involvement from the commentators of our digital world.

Lets’ say that your negative feedback or press is coming back to haunt you. Your blood may be boiling; you can’t stop thinking about it, upset with yourself because you are letting it get to you.


Any news is good news! They are talking about you!

By being involved with what is being said, is go back and see if there is something missing, find out what they are saying, answer any and all questions. Take it offline through other media outlets, email or Skype, and talk about it! Maybe it’s a simple misunderstanding and you never know as you may just find someone like you out there! By rectifying the negative, you may just find yourself to be wrong.

By taking this mindset and using it to the fullest advantage you will see the positive outcome is more newsworthy that what you thought & you may come out to be the SUPERSTAR!

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