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Marketing Efforts… Who should you involve?

At this point in time, who do you have involved in your marketing efforts? General Manager, Marketing coordinator, Dealer Principal…. Staff?

Getting your staff involved into your marketing efforts can create a new view from the consumer’s standpoint and also provide very helpful & resourceful feedback.

I have seen sales events where the staff doesn’t even have a clue what is going on when the consumer asks them about it.  Then the staff looks uneducated, not prepared and having to run to the GM for the details is pretty embarrassing, wouldn’t you think?

Having your sales staff / sales team involved with your promotions & marketing efforts will not just be a plus for the dealership but also for the consumer to show that your staff is on top of it.

You would be surprised what creative feedback you can get from your team that you may have overlooked or even find one of your staff members being more creative than you thought. 

Think about it, you are all about sales, selling this and that but what you don’t see is what the consumer thinks… 

Here are some tips that can help your marketing efforts take a step forward:

Getting involved: Hold a monthly meeting for your entire staff to drill out some ideas, think of creative content, marketing directions & feedback. This can be a great help to further your marketing efforts.

Hand outs: Handing out any proofs for your marketing ad before being approved to your staff to take home and show their family or friends can bring positive feedback and changes that they may see or would like to see. (Who would have thought?)

Suggestion Box: Remember the old suggestion box? They still do exist! Having that availability can also help the team throw in some ideas or suggestions that can help take your marketing efforts to a new level.  Get their feedback for what they would like to see. This can also spark some ideas for you too.

Up To Date: Don’t throw out a promo and expect your team to know the details when you didn’t tell them in the first place.  And you wonder why they are coming to you asking “What is this all about?” This will prevent you taking time to answer their questions and more time to helping your team sell a car!

Getting your team involved with marketing efforts can be a fun way of showing them the importance they hold for selling your product to the public.  If not, then why are they selling for you in the first place?

All views & opinions presented in this article are solely of those of the author only. Jennifer Schrader