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As we dabble in the wonderful world of social media we find ourselves conversing more with our co-workers, boss or internal departments more than our own family at times. We tend to get so mixed up with our social life digitally we forget the consequences that can follow while being social after hours. What can you do to prevent a Social Media Meltdown?

Friending your Co-Workers is a great way to know more about them & their families. We learn so much about a Co-Worker during the day it is turning into a pure habit to friend them on Facebook, Twitter etc. Why not? You know a lot about them from talking & working with them during the day, it can’t hurt to friend them… Can it? This also falls upon the boss when either you or they decide to request a friend request.

Has this gone too far? Do we find ourselves more involved with our Co-Workers & Boss’s Social Life then our own?

I am guilty of taking just about every moment of my life and posting about it on Facebook & other social networks. I enjoy my life, my daily activities along with having no shame of sharing my fun, crazy & wild moments with my social friends, family & clients. There is an advantage of me being a freelancer. Many social buddies, family & friends know I live to have fun & go all out when doing so but at the same time keeping my work professional to ensure that quality comes with fun.

I don’t miss working in an office with management hanging over my shoulder & watching everything I do Imagehowever with individuals that do need to be careful with posting crappy, moody or downright ridiculous comments, status updates & remarks on Social Media sites as they can come back and bite you in the behind!

Yes there are a handful of social media buddies that seem to be very angry most of the time & it reflects in their postings. You scratch your head & think “Wow, life can’t be that bad can it?” but when it is consistent you may have to remove them which can cause a Social Media Meltdown within an office or work environment. Trust me 99% of the time you will be approached by your Co-Worker or Boss & them asking you why? (DEER IN THE HEADLIGHTS LOOK)…..! All you have to say is that you are getting away from social media or just having your close friends & family on social media. Work is separate from play!

Taking pre-cautions before hitting the accept button may be the best thing to do! Below are 5 tips to prevent from a Social Media Meltdown when friending your fellow Co-Workers or Boss!

SEPARATE PROFILE: creating a secondary profile for social media can be a great benefit for your professional career life. Limiting your co-workers & boss to see what you do after hours. Yes there are times when you like to kick back and have a few pints each night or kick it up a notch during the weekend but what does your boss think about that or your co-worker? Keeping a separate profile specifically dedicated to your day life during working hours can alleviate them from seeing your personal life as much as possible.

DENY REQUEST: yes this can be hard to swallow to deny request from your co-worker and /or boss Imagehowever explaining to them you are not comfortable with accepting their request as your life outside work is personal or you only use social media for your family & close friends.  If you explain with sincerity they will understand. Another option you can take advantage with Facebook & it’s latest & greatest feature is unsubscribe from them within your news feed. This can be helpful when you are dealing with a Co-Worker that is consistently posting every 15 minutes about how life sucks & such.

LIMIT POSTING: when you have accepted the friend request from your Co-Worker or Boss, limit your postings during the day. If they see you posting every ½ hour they will wonder if you are actually working at all. Limit the posting to 3 times during the day; 1 post before work, 1 during lunch & 1 after work. Doing so will prevent them thinking about your work ethics along with your dedication to your work, not just socializing during working hours digitally.

ImageAVOID CONFLICTS: by all means avoid any and all conflicts! If you see your Co-Worker posting negative post about fellow Co-Workers or your boss…. AVOID IT! If you comment or even get involved with the comment thread regardless it can come back and bite you! If your Boss or fellow Co-Worker approaches you about it, simply reply “I haven’t had the time to see it”… This response can prevent you from getting questioned even more about conflict that is happening between them.

BE CONSIDERATE WHEN POSTING: being involved with your Co-Workers social life let alone your boss, be considerate when posting to their status updates. Everyone has a bad day however many nowadays run right to social media to vent out. Being sympathetic to their frustrations can be a benefit to you as you are trying to help them through their negative mood and alleviate them from posting further negative remarks, bad mood status updates etc.  When management sees you trying to help your Co-Workers work through an issue you can be a rock star in their eyes and being positive over a negative post.  Being helpful & considerate can be helpful. Don’t post “GET OVER IT” etc this can stir a pot of SOCIAL MEDIA MELTDOWN!

Taking these 5 tips can help with preventing a Social Media Meltdown within a working environment & prevent you from getting involved with personal issues a Co-Worker or Boss may be having. You hear enough of it during the day by being with them.

What is your opinion about friending your fellow Co-Worker or Boss? Have you had great success or has it cost you your job?

All views & opinions are solely based upon the author only Jennifer Schrader


In the office & coffee in hand you hop on to Facebook ready to let everyone know what you are doing right at that moment or most important of all the “Mood” you are in. Facebook has evolved to reaching out and connecting with long lost family, friends, co-workers and opportunities. What Facebook has done also is create a window of mood changes that can affect not just your surrounding FB Friends but also create an outline of who you actually are.

Trust me; I have removed many individuals from my profile due to negative moods. I am a very happy individual that enjoys laughter, fun facts & most important of all, knowing that my connections are happy FB friends.

Out of my entire fun groove of FB family & friends; there has to be that particular group that has nothing good to say, always complaining, gripping about something or just downright not happy at all.

What you post can be very effective to either create a positive or negative impact. Yes, I understand that Mondays do make an impact of unpleasant vibes & post. There is just something about that darn Monday but I surely don’t let it put me down or get in my way.

Just take a moment to think of the negative vibe that you can give off by posting “MONDAY SUCKS”….! Now take in mind the saying “MONDAY RULES & LET’S KNOCK IT DOWN”…  Just the difference you can make with those positive words can help productivity throughout the day to others that are reading your post.  

Posting fun facts, crazy events of your day (spilling coffee, breaking your zipper on your pants, exploding ink pen, etc.) can help give your fellow FB follower a good chuckle for the day and surely get them to engage with you and your post.

Posting negative thoughts, events and such can cause your fellow FB followers to move away from you and before you know it you are removed from their friend list.

Being a positive impact can help not just yourself but also to your entire audience. 

With team performances, creating a negative mood can diminish your team’s expectations & cause a high rate of turnover. Being a positive mood builder can help build a stronger team, low turnover & most important more sales. Why throw the thorn out there for them to step on?

A negative mood can last longer and be spread faster. A positive mood is catchy but takes a bit of time to rub off on the negative. 

Would you want to be in a slump all day and spread your bad mood or would you like to be standing on the top and being a positive impact regardless if it’s to turn a profit or not?

All views & opinions are solely based by the author Jennifer Schrader. (231) 360-0730

Just take a moment to kick back and think…… How much is too much? Do you really think that a consumer, an actual live consumer ready to purchase a car or just a loyal Fan wants to see the overloaded information you have posted and plastered all over social media?

COME ON… Do you really think it’s a good practice? NO IT IS NOT….. You are at their mercy and they have the power to “DISLIKE” you with one little click.

Take a moment to review the facts from the consumer’s point of view.

Fact 1: Information Overload. Have you posted more than 4 times a day? If so you are going to be on the chopping block of “DISLIKE”. Consumers don’t want to be overloaded with information that is not pertinent to them.  Why overload when you can be there but not be in their face the entire day while they are checking up on their newsfeed / friend activities.

Fact 2: All Cars? Let’s just say you post less than 4 times a day however is it all about cars, financing, buy today? Shoot why not grab out the 4 square & your oversized Sharpie marker and write out “TODAY ONLY”. Total turn off and trust me, if I am not a fan of it many more are behind me agreeing.

Fact 3: Personal Problems? I have enough of my own. I have noticed this especially with Friend Profile Pages being used for a business. You have some individual/ Internet Manager Etc. that is treating your Profile Page or Fan Page as an actual personal page. Adding updates similar to this one “Got hammered last night… Glad work is almost over”…. Me as a consumer would think “I just dropped $15k on a car there…. I will never go back now” or “DEFRIEND / DISLIKE”.

Fact 4: Bad Mood? Leave it home! Yes your mood on your status updates can be very effective in a good way and also a very, very bad way.  Leave it at home!  What you express online can be felt a long way to who is reading up on your updates / newsfeed. Very similar to talking on the phone, your voice is like an Opera Singer and emotions can be felt on the other end.  I have been very successful on the phone with clients as I know my voice can be effective to closing a deal or just perking them up.

Fact 5: Adding too much Sugar? What I mean by this are you constantly comparing your brand to another? Giving all pros about why they should buy from you and not the other guy? You better believe it that when you show other products / brands in comparison you are giving them the opportunity to check the other guy out. Surprised? Consumers are more apt to check out a product they have never heard of unless being told about it regardless of any negativity, comparisons etc.  Just hand them the fish while you are at it, no fishing pole needed.

I don’t want to keep rattling on about what consumers or how they approach things however if I get annoyed by some of the facts listed above you will expect them to get annoyed.  Take a moment and sit back (Take all the sales pitches, techniques, car dealer mumbo jumbo) out of your mind and think like a consumer.

When is too much…..too much?  

All opinions and views are based upon the author only. Jennifer Schrader

Marketing Efforts… Who should you involve?

At this point in time, who do you have involved in your marketing efforts? General Manager, Marketing coordinator, Dealer Principal…. Staff?

Getting your staff involved into your marketing efforts can create a new view from the consumer’s standpoint and also provide very helpful & resourceful feedback.

I have seen sales events where the staff doesn’t even have a clue what is going on when the consumer asks them about it.  Then the staff looks uneducated, not prepared and having to run to the GM for the details is pretty embarrassing, wouldn’t you think?

Having your sales staff / sales team involved with your promotions & marketing efforts will not just be a plus for the dealership but also for the consumer to show that your staff is on top of it.

You would be surprised what creative feedback you can get from your team that you may have overlooked or even find one of your staff members being more creative than you thought. 

Think about it, you are all about sales, selling this and that but what you don’t see is what the consumer thinks… 

Here are some tips that can help your marketing efforts take a step forward:

Getting involved: Hold a monthly meeting for your entire staff to drill out some ideas, think of creative content, marketing directions & feedback. This can be a great help to further your marketing efforts.

Hand outs: Handing out any proofs for your marketing ad before being approved to your staff to take home and show their family or friends can bring positive feedback and changes that they may see or would like to see. (Who would have thought?)

Suggestion Box: Remember the old suggestion box? They still do exist! Having that availability can also help the team throw in some ideas or suggestions that can help take your marketing efforts to a new level.  Get their feedback for what they would like to see. This can also spark some ideas for you too.

Up To Date: Don’t throw out a promo and expect your team to know the details when you didn’t tell them in the first place.  And you wonder why they are coming to you asking “What is this all about?” This will prevent you taking time to answer their questions and more time to helping your team sell a car!

Getting your team involved with marketing efforts can be a fun way of showing them the importance they hold for selling your product to the public.  If not, then why are they selling for you in the first place?

All views & opinions presented in this article are solely of those of the author only. Jennifer Schrader

You have your fan page…….. Now what?

Are you scratching your head yet on what to put on your fan page? Being in a car dealership your first instinct would be to start adding your inventory and posting specials you have for finance. Do you really think that your fans want to be bombarded with your inventory? Especially if they just purchased a car from you why do they need to see more?

Your dealership showed the best of customer service during the buying process now you need to show them you are having a fun time while on facebook.

Here are some ideas & tips to add to your fan page for your fans to be engaged.

Fun Facts: Us as humans enjoy seeing & learning about fun facts. For example “Did you know that a blue whales tongue weighs as much as an elephant”…? I didn’t know that until I start browsing fun facts the other day. I will never forget that either & yes I did tell a few people about it too from what I learned.

News: Checking out your local news stations online can provide a lot of upcoming events, intriguing news and local weather alerts.  You can also get great feedback on opinions of the consumer’s thoughts on certain news subjects. School closings are also very effective too!

Caption Photos: You can Google just about anything nowadays. Finding funny photos and offering the fan to add a creative caption to the photo can create engagement.

Local Charities: By offering the recognition of local charities can help increase visibility of your fan page. Showing them you care and spreading the word can help your fans see how involved you are.

Online Coupons: If you come across savings, coupons or offerings online; post them for the fans to see. Saving money is a big part of creating engagement and suggestion of your fan page.

Employment Opportunities: You would be surprised how this can get out with helping others, family members & friends of your fan. Posting positions on your fan page can show that you are looking at all resources to offer a position at your dealership.

School Sporting Events: Just about every school out there has a website and you can easily find any sporting events schedule to share or upcoming school event.

Just with these tidbits of ideas to post on your dealerships fan pages can help create engagement and get your dealership involved with spreading the word of news, facts, fun photos and much more. Once you keep them engaged they are considering your dealership for their next vehicle purchase.

*** All views & opinions presented in this article are solely of those of the author only. Jennifer Schrader

Merging your Friends to your “New” Fan Page

As you may now know that your dealership needs a business fan page & not a friend profile page. You now may be wondering why your friends aren’t merging over to your fan page. They accepted your friend request pretty fast! Why not your “Fan Page” request?

First of all you never initially earned their business in the first place to be an actual Fan.

Friend Profiles & Fan Pages are 2 different types of attractions to the branding image of your dealership. You can go “Click Crazy” on selecting friends to build them up however trying to get them to actually “Like” your business page is a lot different.

Let’s say you taken action by creating an entire new Dealership Fan Page and go over to your wall on your Friend Profile to request them to like your page. 10-15% of them will jump right on it to “Like” your page however the remaining amount of friends don’t actually do it.  

What’s in it for them?

Here are some tips & tricks to help you merge your friends to be an actual Fan of your page.

  1. Requesting on your friend wall to “Like” your new dealership fan page. This is the first step you will want to take for the 10-15% to jump over to your page and “Like” it.
  2. Requesting to “Share” the link to their friends to “Like” your page
  3. Sending a notification to all of your friends about the new change & why. Providing a reason why can help better merge those friends to fans then having to beat around the bush.
  4. Start notifying all new sales from your dealership of the correct fan page for them to “Like” after their purchase.
  5. When sending out a message to all of your friends, offer them something from the dealership.
      Oil Changes for Free
      % off maintenance
      Key Chains (Small promotional items)
      $ off their next purchase or more for their trade in
      Discount on tires
      Gas Cards
      Gift Cards
      Remember “What’s in it for them”….!
      Send out letters to past customers about your new Fan page
      Include the Fan page name all direct mail, TV Ads, Newspaper ads & radio. Taking advantage of traditional media outlets can be beneficial to get the proper page name out there for your dealership

There is going to be some blood, sweat & tears trying to move that base of friends over to your fan page. Keep in mind if it was done properly the first time on creating a social media for your dealership you wouldn’t be in this position.

Building fans is another story however working with what you have right now can be a benefit to start building that fan base for your dealership.

*** All views & opinions presented in this article are solely of those of the author only. Jennifer Schrader

Jennifer Schrader (231) 360-0730

Taking your dealership social is one task however seeking an Internal Social Media Manager is another. With so many new things happening daily, weekly & monthly for your dealership is entirely more than a plateful of tasks for an individual. You may have considered your Internet Manager, In-The-Middle Salesman, Office Manager etc. Going social is a full time task to not be taken seriously & effectively.

Here are a few tips for you & your dealership to consider before hiring and looking for in an internal Social Media Manager

Common Sense: “Huh um what’s that?”
Having an individual with common sense can take your social media further than you think. There is no need to speak in hefty tech terms, just plain & simple common sense. They know enough to be dangerous technically but also have the ability to speak with you like a normal person. Remember they are going to be the one to talk about your product to your social consumer.

Community Connections: “Connect with us”
How involved are they within your community & what contacts might they have? This can be beneficial for them as they will be willing to reach out to them for their support and spreading the word of your dealerships promotions, events & contest. When you treat them good your social media manager will believe in your product which will then trickle down to promoting your product effectively & successfully.

Sold Cars Before: “We got a great deal for you”
Have they sold products to the public eye? This comes down to having that trait of common sense. Being in the eye of the public providing services and products to benefit the consumer’s needs can be a reassuring for your piece of mind when selling socially & communicating.

Loves to Interact: “Please engage with me!”
If they are not fun to interact with just think of how they may interact with your social consumer. Seeking an individual that is fun to interact with, gets involved with the conversation & enjoys seeking engagement can be a plus when posting to other walls, communities & fans.

Pays Attention to Detail: “You said what? My bad”
Paying attention to detail is what the social consumer is looking for. Being warped in the world of the internet searches, websites, guides, information and such. Having an individual that makes sure they are paying attention to detail can be considered an expert to the social consumer. Overlooking a complaint, request can backfire as the social consumer can spread negative reviews quickly via social networks.

Ideas & Suggestions: “Check this out”
Full of ideas and suggestions is a quality driven by social media managers. Listen to what they have to suggest. This can spark a creative bug within yourself in marketing efforts for your dealership. If they have ideas and they are excited about them, there is a confidence level that can make the ideas become a reality to your dealership.

Stick to your guns: “Hold it partner; I love yah but hold It”
Or I should say sense of humor but knows where to stand firm. Having a sense of humor can help with creating more engagement to the social consumer. Looking for fun things to create & stick a conversation is great by getting your brand in front of them however sticking to their guns on expert opinions, advice & information is another. Make sure your social media manager as all the information about your dealership and product. It’s no fun chasing a GM, GSM or sales manager around for a little bit of information.

No Drama: “You ain’t my baby’s daddy!
I had to throw that in. Drama can be a wrecking ball to your dealership. You don’t want a social media manager that is constantly steering up drama as this can be funneled down to your social media and branding of your dealership. If they are someone that is involved with helping resolve an issue & not stoking the fire, can be a great help with trying to resolve internal issues within the staff. If they spend more time gossiping then engaging socially, they are not a match for your dealership social efforts.

When you are on the prowl looking for that one person that sticks out, strikes a conversation with you and simply says hello with a big smile on their face, they may be just that right candidate you are looking for while searching for a Social Media Manager.

Social Media – “It’s not Rocket Science” its common sense!

*** All views & opinions presented in this article are solely of those of the author only. Jennifer Schrader

Jennifer Schrader (231) 360-0730