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We live in a viral world of opinions based upon what the consumer’s see, what we want & best or horrible experiences. As consumers we express our views by posting reviews through many social networking channels. Social Media has helped us take the next step to share with friends, family & networking buddies the self proclaimed experience we had received regardless if its service, purchasing a new car, favorite pizza places and so on.

All we are doing is looking out for others & suggesting other resources of business’s or excellent services.  I myself am an avid consumer and will push the limit to ensure the employees, regardless of where I am at, to see if they truly know their job to help better themselves for the next customer that comes in.  New employees I give them a bit of a break however always say to them “You are new but let’s make this fun”. You would be surely surprised how much of a positive reaction the long line waiting behind you turns as they now know the employee is new & everyone deserves a break. We had to start somewhere, right? Turn negative into positive.

Ok enough about that part now let’s get into the Nitty-Gritty of things here based upon my article & what sparked me to go this far.

As mentioned consumers have the right to speak what is on their mind based upon their experience with a particular establishment from pricing, quality, customer service and so forth. Putting out a review helps not just relieve your mind & to share your thoughts however to provide a heads up to the next customer that walks in the establishments door & what they might expect.

After posting the review, do you expect to receive a message specifically from the establishment or business family member? You may be surprised what you might get. There are many businesses that won’t reply however businesses with excellent reputation management will but ones that don’t have excellent reputation management will not put the business’s reputation first however their own personal feelings which can be a cause of destruction  & an epic failure to the reputation of the establishment.

During a holiday I can understand business’s, especially locally owned family business’s, always look forward to a holiday to help with revenue however cost is a major factoring role when it comes us ordinary middle class families. We purchased an order from a local eatery, which was classified as the best in town (based on reviews!). Keep in mind my family didn’t have it personally delivered as we were on the bay & it made more sense to take the jog over that way to pick up the purchase. The average cost for 2 large pizzas 2 toppings & an order or breadsticks run about $35. The cost for this local eatery was $53.00. Yikes! Trust me I would surely expect to have glitter shooting out at me for that cost however no glitter, no confetti & no balloons. The pizza’s were mediocre& average, which again I understand everyone is rushing to push out orders, quality of taste but surely nothing to really brag about.

After the adventurous holiday & are declined stomachs that were saturated with pizza sauce I take myself to the trusty ole laptop to express my opinion due to cost & quality of the pizza. Facebook is my first step as I was surely not going to go too far or placing a review on Google etc., I wanted to inform my friends & family that if they are looking for an affordable eatery, pizzeria, don’t go there due to cost. I wasn’t impressed with the quality of the pizza & cost. Again Facebook is a great network of informing consumers this is how I feel.

Shortly thereafter responses started to flood in regarding the cost along with a few other pizzerias within the vicinity that were outrageously priced & suggesting of others to go to due to a lower cost. So it surely just wasn’t my experience but others as well. No worries, I got my opinion out and I felt better throughout the day……


I received a personal message on Facebook, must have been a family member as I take it, and it goes like this: (This has been retrieved from my inbox & only edited due to the inappropriate cuss word used)

“If you dont like the prices, dont order! Why dont you see how many times ” my familys” pizza joint has been voted best in tc. There is no price gouging or anything like that. Every thing is fresh or home made. So talk all the sh*t you want, and enjoy your time on the can after some jets or a nice 5 dollar hot and ready.”

How would you feel if you received a message like this from a business that has taken every review personally? This type of horrible reputation management = FAILURE is in the horizon if this individual takes over business matters.

Is this RIGHT or WRONG?

I am a strong believer in making sure consumers are taken care of regardless of their opinion if it is Negative or Positive. Businesses with an excellent reputation management responding positively would be the best way to go about putting the business’s reputation first & personal feelings on the backburner.

WRONG WAY: Responding to a review based upon service, cost & quality in a negative way can surely show how business’s taken on issues that revolve around their reputation regardless if you know them or not. If we responded this way for every negative review received we wouldn’t be able to walk as it compares to placing a thorn in the arch of your foot for each response.

RIGHT WAY: Responding to a negative review in a positive manner can ensure B2B (Back to Back) business from the consumer that posted the negative review to even pushing the consumer to place back on the review of how the business resolved your concern or issue. A business owner should respond to the review in this manner:

  • We do appreciate your response on your feelings per your review of the cost of our pizza & breadsticks. Please take a moment to understand that all of our products we use for our pizzas are homemade & fresh as this is why our cost is a bit more than our average competitors. We hope this helps resolve the understanding of why our cost is a bit more however we want to make sure you see our quality & why. Please come on in and ask for **NAME** and we will be more than happy to offer you a free order of breadsticks with your next order.


  • Thank you for your response in regards to the review on our business due to your concern of cost. We are not sure if you are away all of our pizzas and ingredients are homemade right here in the kitchen. This does result in more cost however we want to ensure our consumers are taking in quality & healthy ingredients with our pizzas and variety of other menu selections. We want to ensure that we stand up to our reputation with our being voted the best pizzeria in our local area. Please contact us at or call me directly at 555-555-5555 to speak further on how we can help you help us.

Before you respond personally to a review of your business or your family business please be sure to hear out the consumer before nailing them harshly as this can result in not just losing 1 customer however many more that follow their opinions and suggestions.

I myself along with my family & close friends will never do business with this eatery again unfortunately not until I receive the pizza box that has glitter, balloons & confetti shoot out at me. Then maybe I will reconsider.

Have you been attacked by a review or opinion?

How would you handle a response from a business owner or a family member of the business?



All opinions are solely based up on the author only: Jennifer Schrader