Give your Social Media an extra KICK! 3 Steps to Social Media Success!

Posted: March 1, 2012 in Uncategorized

There is not a day that goes by without hearing “Social Media, Social Media, Fan Pages etc”. There is nothing bad about it however there are ways you can take social media to the next level by giving it an extra kick for your business regardless of how well you know social media.

Business’s either large or small can rely on their friends, family, new customers & encouraging current customers to share your Fan Page. This surely does help with getting your name out there for your Fan Page however let’s take it a step further.  There is a time when you will exhaust your options of your current fans to share your page to get those extra “Likes”.  But what do you do when that happens?

By following these simple tips you & your business can give your social media efforts an extra kick.

Promo..? What Promo..?

Setting up a promotion is one thing however taking advantage of what that promotion actually offers is another.  For example you run a “Best Photo Contest” for your local area. Don’t just rely on posting it on your Fan Page! List all the photography studios, camera repair or sales shops, publishing department within the school, local mall pin-up boards etc. to notify them of this promotion contest you are running for your business and send them information on it so they can post it within their business for consumers to see the contest. Placing this effort you can really make an impact with your local businesses and you would be surprised they will become your “Fan”…!

Cheap…. NOOOOOOO!!

Free oil changes are nice or certain services at a discount however in reality it is very rare that the individual that won a contest is going to really take advantage of that offering let alone join the contest & become a Fan of your Fan page for your business.  As stated in an example above for the promotional contest offering a prize relevant to the promotional contest you are holding.  A top prize can be either a new camera, $150 off a camera, Free photo session, free photo lessons etc. I think you get the point.  These prizes can be a great way of getting more engagement from new fans & also help spread the word more effectively.

Involvement..? It only takes minimal efforts on your part!

Staying involved with your community can make a large impact locally & internally.  Food drives, charity contributions, Scholarship programs, raising money for awareness, raising funds for school supplies or scholarships.  Reaching out to these local businesses can make a large difference in spreading the word about your business’s efforts to create an impact that will be long lasting.

Communicating with local business’s regardless if they are in the same field of service & or products, is a way of working together to spread the word of your business while they do the same for you.

Social media doesn’t just work with an account set up and limited fans, it works with efforts in being involved with all necessary business relations.  Remember great offerings, creates great shares, creates great feed back!

What’s there to lose?

All views and opinions are solely based by the author only. Jennifer Schrader


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