Who’s the “Best” Automotive Sales Trainer? I will tell you who!

Posted: September 30, 2011 in Automotive, creating content
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We have seen them all plastered across every social outlet, marketing campaign, Digital Dealer, NADA, mailers and word of mouth; many Automotive Sales Trainers with all sorts of tactics, ideas, creativity, amazing closing techniques, to even creating a unique meet & greet.

I have had the chance to be part of trainings provided by Grant Cardone, DealerSynergy, AIT Technologies and many more trainers nationwide. Whatever I can get my hot little hands on I would jump for it. Then it dawned on me that there was something more about who the “Best” Automotive Sales Trainer is.


When working for the website technology company TK Carsites, 90% of all my demos & trainings conducted, many Owners, GMs, Sales Managers etc. asked how to create an effective team to be more productive and such. I always went back to an inspiration of an amazing manager, Tom Gordon, as an example in just about each & every one of those demos. It comes down to the team leader & management.

Here is an example of Tom Gordon. Yes I have had the honors of working directly with & managed by him when selling used cars at Williams Auto Max AKA The Pirate Ship. Yes those were some fun times!

The team was turning over 200+ cars each & every month, each & every day we were hungry for more.

How did we do that? What tools did we have? What driven us? We were experts at what we did & we thank him for developing our skills & providing the tools we needed to be successful.

Tom Gordon…. He is the one who has established a team of superior salesman with amazing techniques that have been following his lead since I have known them. Well over 7 years & trust me they were following him way before I had the pleasures to meet him when I asked to sell cars for him.

Tom has been trained from Jackie Cooper (early 80’s), Verde, Cardone, Stuker & many other amazing trainers in the nation of the Automotive Industry but what makes Tom unique & to create such an effective team?

He is a Hybrid Byproduct of this industry. Those were his exact words.

As the years passed by he has now taking on the management of Rightway Auto owned by Garber Auto Group. Their new location is in Traverse City, MI and getting ready to start making a large stamp in Northern Michigan with many more to come.  Keep in mind he does have his amazing sales team pumping out the cars for him too.

What do I mean by all this?

You can get top dollar training anywhere & everywhere you look however what it comes down to is taking in the knowledge and fully implementing it to yourself & your team. Why not share your education with your team when you can provide them with the tools for their success?

Remember they are the ones selling the cars for you!

You can’t just take the training, use it for a month then not follow through with it anymore. Yes things do change but keeping that rhythm of knowledge within their minds can help alleviate bad selling habits, keep them on track, enjoy the passion of selling & sharpen their techniques.

How many of you still role play with your team? Do you get out there to help shovel the snow off the cars with your team or even blow up balloons?

Just those simple tasks can help you motivate your team, encourage them because again YOU are the team leader & wouldn’t you like them to follow you throughout your career while at the same time you can provide them a successful career!

All views & opinions are soley based upon the author only. Jennifer Schrader



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