Just take a moment to kick back and think…… How much is too much? Do you really think that a consumer, an actual live consumer ready to purchase a car or just a loyal Fan wants to see the overloaded information you have posted and plastered all over social media?

COME ON… Do you really think it’s a good practice? NO IT IS NOT….. You are at their mercy and they have the power to “DISLIKE” you with one little click.

Take a moment to review the facts from the consumer’s point of view.

Fact 1: Information Overload. Have you posted more than 4 times a day? If so you are going to be on the chopping block of “DISLIKE”. Consumers don’t want to be overloaded with information that is not pertinent to them.  Why overload when you can be there but not be in their face the entire day while they are checking up on their newsfeed / friend activities.

Fact 2: All Cars? Let’s just say you post less than 4 times a day however is it all about cars, financing, buy today? Shoot why not grab out the 4 square & your oversized Sharpie marker and write out “TODAY ONLY”. Total turn off and trust me, if I am not a fan of it many more are behind me agreeing.

Fact 3: Personal Problems? I have enough of my own. I have noticed this especially with Friend Profile Pages being used for a business. You have some individual/ Internet Manager Etc. that is treating your Profile Page or Fan Page as an actual personal page. Adding updates similar to this one “Got hammered last night… Glad work is almost over”…. Me as a consumer would think “I just dropped $15k on a car there…. I will never go back now” or “DEFRIEND / DISLIKE”.

Fact 4: Bad Mood? Leave it home! Yes your mood on your status updates can be very effective in a good way and also a very, very bad way.  Leave it at home!  What you express online can be felt a long way to who is reading up on your updates / newsfeed. Very similar to talking on the phone, your voice is like an Opera Singer and emotions can be felt on the other end.  I have been very successful on the phone with clients as I know my voice can be effective to closing a deal or just perking them up.

Fact 5: Adding too much Sugar? What I mean by this are you constantly comparing your brand to another? Giving all pros about why they should buy from you and not the other guy? You better believe it that when you show other products / brands in comparison you are giving them the opportunity to check the other guy out. Surprised? Consumers are more apt to check out a product they have never heard of unless being told about it regardless of any negativity, comparisons etc.  Just hand them the fish while you are at it, no fishing pole needed.

I don’t want to keep rattling on about what consumers or how they approach things however if I get annoyed by some of the facts listed above you will expect them to get annoyed.  Take a moment and sit back (Take all the sales pitches, techniques, car dealer mumbo jumbo) out of your mind and think like a consumer.

When is too much…..too much?  

All opinions and views are based upon the author only. Jennifer Schrader



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