How involved are you with your Dealership Marketing?

Posted: September 16, 2011 in Automotive, creating content, Customer Service
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There are many ways you can define this within a dealership. Cost, approval, content, ideas, organizing and such but do you really involve yourself as an owner to get into the groove of your dealership marketing?

Are you an owner that hides in the office, punching numbers, avoiding the customers or just plain downright don’t get involved?

Yes you have management that may take care of it for you & placing their face in front of the public to create a buzz for your dealership however placing yourself as an owner can make a larger impact then you may realize.

Take this dealer for example; Ted Heater Jr at Get Car Smart out of Kansas City Missouri. This particular dealer takes it to the next level of involving himself in the marketing front of his dealership & staff. From levels of fully dressing up in a Pickle Suite & running around the dealership showroom floor to out in the parking lot to create a buzz for his dealership.  This level of marketing can create loyalty, buzz & surely downright creativity within the marketing of his dealership.

Why get yourself involved? Making yourself unique compared to the dealer down the road is one of the ways you can get in front of the public.  Creating a stir of public talk “Did you see that guy running around in the pickle suite?” “The owner has lost it again” but when they talk about you, they are talking about it in a good humorous manner!  Happy talk is business talk!

I would rather go to a dealership that has a sense of humor than one that doesn’t.  A shopping experience that is fun & exciting will spread like wildfire! Wouldn’t you want a picture standing next to an owner wearing a pickle suite & your new car? Keep in mind a customer purchasing a car can be emotional & scary at the same time.  Alleviating the tense feeling can be a bonus to ease them up during their purchase.

So what are you waiting for? Get out there and have fun! Getting involved can help boost your staff up and get them more pumped about making a sale!

All opinions are based soley on the auther only Jennifer Schrader


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