Merging your Friends to your “New” Fan Page

As you may now know that your dealership needs a business fan page & not a friend profile page. You now may be wondering why your friends aren’t merging over to your fan page. They accepted your friend request pretty fast! Why not your “Fan Page” request?

First of all you never initially earned their business in the first place to be an actual Fan.

Friend Profiles & Fan Pages are 2 different types of attractions to the branding image of your dealership. You can go “Click Crazy” on selecting friends to build them up however trying to get them to actually “Like” your business page is a lot different.

Let’s say you taken action by creating an entire new Dealership Fan Page and go over to your wall on your Friend Profile to request them to like your page. 10-15% of them will jump right on it to “Like” your page however the remaining amount of friends don’t actually do it.  

What’s in it for them?

Here are some tips & tricks to help you merge your friends to be an actual Fan of your page.

  1. Requesting on your friend wall to “Like” your new dealership fan page. This is the first step you will want to take for the 10-15% to jump over to your page and “Like” it.
  2. Requesting to “Share” the link to their friends to “Like” your page
  3. Sending a notification to all of your friends about the new change & why. Providing a reason why can help better merge those friends to fans then having to beat around the bush.
  4. Start notifying all new sales from your dealership of the correct fan page for them to “Like” after their purchase.
  5. When sending out a message to all of your friends, offer them something from the dealership.
      Oil Changes for Free
      % off maintenance
      Key Chains (Small promotional items)
      $ off their next purchase or more for their trade in
      Discount on tires
      Gas Cards
      Gift Cards
      Remember “What’s in it for them”….!
      Send out letters to past customers about your new Fan page
      Include the Fan page name all direct mail, TV Ads, Newspaper ads & radio. Taking advantage of traditional media outlets can be beneficial to get the proper page name out there for your dealership

There is going to be some blood, sweat & tears trying to move that base of friends over to your fan page. Keep in mind if it was done properly the first time on creating a social media for your dealership you wouldn’t be in this position.

Building fans is another story however working with what you have right now can be a benefit to start building that fan base for your dealership.

*** All views & opinions presented in this article are solely of those of the author only. Jennifer Schrader

Jennifer Schrader (231) 360-0730

  1. Drew Ament says:

    How about just converting your existing profile page to a “Fan” page. Skip all the headache and hassle. Facebook now allows personal user profiles to be converted into official business Pages, turning all their friends into fans. The “Profile To Business Page Migration” tool will help people who either created a personal profile for a business before Pages existed, or accidentally started accumulating fans as friends instead of Likes.

  2. Cristina says:

    Hi Jennifer – this is an interesting post. I never had this issue as I initially set up a profile page (me) and a business page. But I am part of a toy retailers group and one person had set up a profile for his business before there were “pages”. He now faces issues with the “merge” of the two. Any tips on how best to manage that? I think a lot of small business owners struggle with FB when FB changes the rules on them.

  3. Cristina – Thank you for your comment. I am glad you had not experienced that. The lovely changes of FB rules can be fun, exciting & also time consuming for any business owner. Using the tips listed above can be helpful with discounts, interesting facts etc can help move them over to the new page. Maybe a giveaway can help get them to jump over too depending on the fan base they may all ready have.

    I hope this helps with merging them over.

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