Taking your dealership social is one task however seeking an Internal Social Media Manager is another. With so many new things happening daily, weekly & monthly for your dealership is entirely more than a plateful of tasks for an individual. You may have considered your Internet Manager, In-The-Middle Salesman, Office Manager etc. Going social is a full time task to not be taken seriously & effectively.

Here are a few tips for you & your dealership to consider before hiring and looking for in an internal Social Media Manager

Common Sense: “Huh um what’s that?”
Having an individual with common sense can take your social media further than you think. There is no need to speak in hefty tech terms, just plain & simple common sense. They know enough to be dangerous technically but also have the ability to speak with you like a normal person. Remember they are going to be the one to talk about your product to your social consumer.

Community Connections: “Connect with us”
How involved are they within your community & what contacts might they have? This can be beneficial for them as they will be willing to reach out to them for their support and spreading the word of your dealerships promotions, events & contest. When you treat them good your social media manager will believe in your product which will then trickle down to promoting your product effectively & successfully.

Sold Cars Before: “We got a great deal for you”
Have they sold products to the public eye? This comes down to having that trait of common sense. Being in the eye of the public providing services and products to benefit the consumer’s needs can be a reassuring for your piece of mind when selling socially & communicating.

Loves to Interact: “Please engage with me!”
If they are not fun to interact with just think of how they may interact with your social consumer. Seeking an individual that is fun to interact with, gets involved with the conversation & enjoys seeking engagement can be a plus when posting to other walls, communities & fans.

Pays Attention to Detail: “You said what? My bad”
Paying attention to detail is what the social consumer is looking for. Being warped in the world of the internet searches, websites, guides, information and such. Having an individual that makes sure they are paying attention to detail can be considered an expert to the social consumer. Overlooking a complaint, request can backfire as the social consumer can spread negative reviews quickly via social networks.

Ideas & Suggestions: “Check this out”
Full of ideas and suggestions is a quality driven by social media managers. Listen to what they have to suggest. This can spark a creative bug within yourself in marketing efforts for your dealership. If they have ideas and they are excited about them, there is a confidence level that can make the ideas become a reality to your dealership.

Stick to your guns: “Hold it partner; I love yah but hold It”
Or I should say sense of humor but knows where to stand firm. Having a sense of humor can help with creating more engagement to the social consumer. Looking for fun things to create & stick a conversation is great by getting your brand in front of them however sticking to their guns on expert opinions, advice & information is another. Make sure your social media manager as all the information about your dealership and product. It’s no fun chasing a GM, GSM or sales manager around for a little bit of information.

No Drama: “You ain’t my baby’s daddy!
I had to throw that in. Drama can be a wrecking ball to your dealership. You don’t want a social media manager that is constantly steering up drama as this can be funneled down to your social media and branding of your dealership. If they are someone that is involved with helping resolve an issue & not stoking the fire, can be a great help with trying to resolve internal issues within the staff. If they spend more time gossiping then engaging socially, they are not a match for your dealership social efforts.

When you are on the prowl looking for that one person that sticks out, strikes a conversation with you and simply says hello with a big smile on their face, they may be just that right candidate you are looking for while searching for a Social Media Manager.

Social Media – “It’s not Rocket Science” its common sense!

*** All views & opinions presented in this article are solely of those of the author only. Jennifer Schrader

Jennifer Schrader
jennifergene@hotmail.com (231) 360-0730

  1. Tree King says:

    I enjoyed your blog post today. I’m working diligently to accomplish what you’ve stated. I enjoy speaking with people and making them happy. I tell all of my customers I want them to have a “Grand Experience”. That’s my job as Customer care/social media. Thanks for the post.
    Tree King
    Grand Buick GMC Kia
    Customer Service Manager

    • Tree – I am so pleased to hear that you enjoyed the post. I am also very pleasled to see you enjoy giving your customers the “Grand Experience”! Giving them that experience can go a long way and help them come back to you more and more!

      Thank you again Tree! Please let me know if there is anything I can be of assistance! Have a Social Day!

      Jennifer Schrader

  2. Lots of great points!! I would add graphic design and web development to the mix. Knowing the basics of Facebook is one thing, but trying to create your own apps that make your page original and interesting is another. It would be hard to find one person with all of the skills required to run a successful Facebook page.

    Tracey D

    • Tracey – You made a very excellent point on adding the graphic design and web development. This comes to be part of that rare breed that many employers are looking for! Thank you Tracey as your response is appreciated!

  3. Patty says:

    Hi Jen,
    Our dealer is getting started in Social Media and I have been in the loop with getting it going. With no schooling in this area but as you noted I believe I have some pretty good common sense. It’s been a little daunting but I believe I’m up to the task. Thanks for the blog.

    Patty Gralka
    Internet Manager
    Rosevile Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram

  4. Patty – Thank you for enjoying this blog. I do appreciate it. I am excited for you and the dealership on starting in social media. If you are confident you should be able to knock their socks off with social media. Having fun with it makes it count also. If you are having fun the fans will have fun too!

    Don’t overload it with cars, cars, cars, cars and did I mention cars? Have fun filled facts, local events, community efforts, new business’s opening in town and such. People love to be informed especially us women!

    Please let me know if there is anything I can be of assistance to you as I am always here to help! Have a super fun time & a social day Patty!

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