Who’s behind the wheel in driving your social media?

Posted: July 29, 2011 in Automotive, Automotive Social Media, creating content, Dealership on Facebook, Dealership Twitter, Social Media, Social media specialist, Social Media Strategy

Who’s behind the wheel in driving your social media?

The fun thing about driving I find is how much you can tell from the driver in front of you and sometimes coming toward you. Are they brake happy, swerve when on their cell phone, constantly looking down texting or staying way below the speed limit.

This brings me to the subject of “Who’s behind the wheel in driving your social media”

Brake Happy: always hitting the brakes, bad habit? Or just loves to put a halt to all things at any giving time.  This can be an issue within the dealership when trying to start up a promotion, event or contest.  Always hitting the brakes can hurt your strategy you have obtained within your dealership to properly promote your fan page.  Being brake happy can also cause an issue with non post throughout the day or just once a week.  Staying social means daily!

Swerve when on their cell phone: this relates to getting too many things thrown at you once if you are doing your social media dealership.  Start on a path then swerving around it once you get another task put in place in front of you.  Being in a dealership this can happen more than we like to admit too.  You then find yourself pushing your social media strategy to the side and not properly maintaining it. Again, Staying social means daily!

Constantly looking down while texting: texting while driving. All it takes it to pay attention and keep aware of what is going on with your dealership & social relations you have within the dealership and your surrounding area. If you are looking down and away you may just pass up that opportunity that is right in front of you.

Staying below the speed limit: 45 in a 55… I think you get my point.  Especially when you have an appointment you are trying to get too.  If you are the driver, not staying on track and up to speed can hurt your dealership promoting on facebook.  Next thing you know you have other dealers driving right past you. Keep on track and in pace with the speed of social media.  Now if you are the driver behind the one driving below the speed limit, this can factor in on being held back from getting to where you need to be at.  Having the management team be fully behind you in marketing your social media can and will be successful to your efforts & your dealership branding.

Being a good driver can help you be successful within your dealership social media.

*** All views & opinions presented in this article are solely those of the author only. Jennifer Schrader

Jennifer Schrader


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