The Evolution of the Facebook Fan

By Paige Plant, Social Media Director, Ignite XDS

A coworker of mine, Jennifer Schrader, recently shared this infographic with me regarding the reasons behind why people follow brands. It led me to think about the overall brand of my different clients and ask myself if these are the reasons why people would ‘like’ a car dealership on Facebook, then what is the evolution of these dealership fans?

 Stage 1: The Draw

Facebook users may be drawn to your dealership’s Facebook page for different reasons, but no matter what that draw is, it has to be relevant for the Facebook user. Social media is all about creating a relationship with those similar to you. Having a solid target in mind is the best way to create the perfect draw. Do you want to bring current customers to your Facebook page? Then, your draw can be related to your service stations. Do you want special offers to be the draw? Then the target will be current customers and leads. Maybe you want to attract a specific demographic of potential customers. In that case, Ignite XDS suggests a heavily promoted contest centered around the interest of that demographic. No matter what you do or whom you target, make sure you have a draw. Without it, there will be absolutely no reason why a Facebook user should like your dealership page.

Stage 2: The Like

Once a Facebook fan is drawn into a car dealership Facebook page, they must ‘like’ your page. Just because they visit the page, it does not mean you will automatically get them to click the ‘like’ button. When users visit your page, you have to give them something to look at. This means that you have to follow the cardinal social media rule and keep your page updated! When a user is deciding to ‘like’ your dealership page, they are not going to read every post you’ve ever created, but they will look at the first few. If they are from last year, or even from last week, there’s a good chance that they will hit the ‘Home’ button before ever thinking about ‘Liking’ your page.

Stage 3: The Engagement

For a Facebook fan to continue to evolve, there must be some sort of engagement between then and your page. The formula that Facebook uses to decipher what content is lucky enough to show up in a users’ news feed revolves around they time they spend on your page and how engaged they are in it. Each time the user interacts with a business page, it appears in their feed more often. To crack this formula and be seen by the your Facebook fans as much as possible, you have to get them to engage with your dealership page. Keep your Facebook page updated. Ask your fans about their opinions on hot topics. Promote your OEMs and your employees. At the end of it all, if you find the content interesting, there is a good chance that some of your Facebook fans will too.

Stage 4: The Customer

The evolution of a Facebook fan truly ends when the fan becomes a customer of the dealership. If a fan makes the full evolution and is engaged in your content, your dealership will be the very first they think of when they want to purchase a vehicle. Your evolved Facebook fan will not just think of you as another car dealership, but as a brand that matches their personality.

Remember, 42.89% of people will buy from a brand that they follow on Facebook. Where else can you have you seen numbers like that?

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