Questions to ask yourself before taking your dealership social

Times are changing for the online consumer as they are now evolving towards social media trends we are now seeing.  Peer recommendations, custom news feeds created by the user, influences, reviews on businesses and products.

Understanding the real effect of Social Media and properly creating a strategy to brand your dealership; there are questions you will want to ask yourself before handing over the magic wand to your internal staff to take on the social media task.

How well versed are you on Social Media?

Do you know the effect of Social Media & what it can do for your business?

Do you realize creating a Social Media Strategy is a full-time, day in, day out & consistent effort?

How involved are you with your surrounding community?

Has the individual you plan on hiring ever create a Social Media Strategy for a dealership or are they just well versed in a Social Media World with friends & family? (Having a Facebook is different from a Fan Page for Facebook & holds many valuable tools)

Do you have a graphic team on hand to create custom images, graphics and promotional items / material for your dealership for your social media efforts?

Do you know the difference between a Facebook Profile Page & a Facebook Fan Page?

Do you know that Facebook is not fully intended to sell cars but to promote your dealership branding?

Do you expect results overnight? (Social Media cannot happen overnight but what it can do is be an everlasting impact for your dealership branding) 

These questions are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes down to properly consider taking your dealership social & create a strong brand within your community.

Not having the properly trained individuals within your organization won’t just diminish your branding but can cause a Social Media Disaster!

Where I conduct sales at, Ignite XDS, we provide those services for dealers nationwide as we have seen dealers take on this new Social Challenge but have not had the time, hired the wrong individual or just don’t know where to start.  No, I am not trying to push a sale on you however am wanting to suggest tips & tricks with best practices to help you before taking your dealership social.

Feel free to contact me via email at as I am here to help!

  1. Great blog. One of the first things I ask my clients are “What are you expecting to gain by using social media?” a lot of them say sales of course, sales due to tapping into 700 million facebook users.

    Of course a lot get disillusioned when it is not an overnight success and that a lot of work is required.

    In the end the dealerships have to ‘be there’ on their social networks and look as though thaey are for their fans always.

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