The “Use of Common Sense” when it comes to Social Media

As we are seeing dealers nationwide take on the lavishing efforts of going social, we find ourselves seeking technology each and every day to make our lives easier & prosperous. A click of one button can distribute our feed, updates, blog notices and such to all varieties of media outlets. And all it had taken was one click of a button!

We wait for our coffee to brew longer then it takes to notify hundreds of our family, friends, co workers, resources & groups what we are up to. Yet we still ponder around waiting for our coffee.

Are we taking advantage of this technology and the benefits it does for us with just “One click of a button”…..?

Hearing many needs, wants, must haves for Social Media from all varieties of resources.  I have seen some powerful tools, effective tools and ones that look amazing but are too complicated to even use.

The only valuable thing that is missing & most important of all is “Common Sense”. Common sense is a tool that Technology cannot surpass or be taken advantage of. As you may have heard the old saying “I would rather be street smart than book smart”.

The social media generation that we are dabbling in is one of the most neediest, influential, tech savvy, inspiring and heavy buying power group of people.

Using the advantages of technology can shoot you in the foot.  Using common sense for their needs, wants and advice can take you to the next level with them.

They are not here to be overloaded with newsfeed updates about your cars, finance rates, free oil changes for a year to just like your page & so on! They are here to be influenced.

Place yourself in their shoes. Do you want your wall to be overloaded with what cars you have on the lot? I wouldn’t think so.

If you take the efforts of social media as you do to turn your desk top on in the morning and implementing Common Sense to your social group, your coffee will be brewed before you are finished!

Jennifer Schrader @ Ignite XDS

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