On average, dealerships convert 20% of sales customers into service customers. Why are they allowing 4 out of 5 customers walk out and do business with the competition?

Why? Because their processes are flawed! They have plenty of information (data) about customers that they could use to re-market those customers, but it is unmanageable and scattered across the organization. They always plan to follow-up with customers. Perhaps they even send out an oil change notice occasionally and see a spike in traffic. But have they truly engaged these customers? Without a definitive strategy, that is methodically implemented, creating lasting customer relationships is nearly impossible.

Ignite XDS has the retention strategies and the solutions your dealership needs. We harness that unruly data and empower it. Ignite XDS’ messaging techniques are highly personalized to each individual. And, if the customer shows up unexpectedly for service, the Ignite XDS solution will automatically rescheduled that customer’s future message. Your dealership will gain customer trust and advocacy because each of them will know you understand them.

You know why this is so vital?

• NADA reports that 72% of customers that regularly use a dealership for service will make their next purchase there.

• As well, NADA reports: “Dealerships face increased competition from independent service stations and quick-lube centers” (Source – NADA Data 2009: Economic Impact of New-Car and New-Truck Dealers).

• More than 2/3 of customers leave because of a business’ indifference or bad attitude (Will Maguire, 6 Reasons We Lose Customers)


Ignite XDS brings the auto dealership to Facebook, allowing dealerships to privately brand Facebook pages for deeper engagement and targeted campaigns. Through applications and dealer-specific content, Ignite XDS provides social media and web marketing solutions to car dealerships looking for efficient, effective, and measurable brand image and community engagement.

  1. Michael Baker says:

    Built our servicing of new and used vehicles to 45% new from 15% and Used from 10% to 35% retention post sale with C/P within 15 months. What are the metrics observed at Avaya. Did not use but one outsourced service for reminder of service appt. only.

  2. Kirk says:

    Jennifer – A targeted program such as yours and the ten’s of other competitors, to you, is a must. The dealer’s have struggled primarily due to there hiring criteria and pay plan for service advisors. Most don’t not require specific skills or backgrounds. Not the hired persons fault, it’s the systems fault.

    Most advisors are order takers, lack greeting skills for those customers waiting in line to be heard, don’t perform walkarounds, don’t communicate upselling opportunities, lack good follow-up, etc.

    The numbers you speak of in your blog for retention using targeted marketing would be higher with qualified advisors.

    Most are required to work 12-hour days with one or two Saturdays off a month, in those States that don’t run 7-day operations. You don’t get qualified people with those type schedules. Same is happening in the new & used sales operations.

    The industry needs to remove a generation of owners and start anew. Why do you think the Acura’s, Lexus’, Infiniti’s and formerly Saturn’s scored so high on the JD Power surveys. They all started with a clean sheet of paper and were hand picked by the manufacturers.

    Generations of dealerships have been teaching each other how the business should be run and continue with many of the same bad habits they learned.

    It won’t be an easy fix and the recent downturn in the industry is already forces changes in the compensation area’s since they can’t find people to work the crazy hour’s without time off. Work-life balance has to be a part of the equation for the industry to successfully move into the next chapter.

    I have just touched the edge of things that need changing for success/retention.

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