Don’t Worry! It’s not what you think it means. “Where’s The Fans”

Your dealership now realizes they need to create a Fan Page, Maybe you got the warning from Facebook giving you the heads up or worst of all, got shut down. Now you need to get cracking!

You are sending out request to all of your friends to notify them of “WE HAVE MOVED” & politely asking them to come over to the fan page…. The truth is “Very little merge over”. Getting to merge your friends you have feverishly had the joys of selecting easily for your dealerships profile page is not the same as “Earning” your fans!

You have a boat load of Friends, It seems that they would jump right on your request to visit the new page and simply click “Like”.. But it doesn’t. Here are the reasons why it is not an easy yet simple task to do so.

I have bad news for you….. 75-80% of the friends you have on your page will not come over to your fan page!

Due to the lack of knowledge, education and pulling the wool over the GM / Sales Managers & or Owners eyes, you have now placed the dealership in the position of starting all over again the hard way.

Why aren’t my friends coming over to my Fan Page? The taste of sour reality is soon to come your way if you don’t have your Facebook Page set up the right way, the first time around.

There are 3 Strikes you will encounter when trying to move your Friends of your Dealership Profile Page to your New Fan Page.

Here are 3 reasons why they are not jumping for glory to come to your begging for your business and to be a loyal fan.

  1. Strike 1:  The request of a “Friend” is for social interaction with their friends and family, Not Business.
  2. Strike 2:  You have not earned their trust as a Fan.
  3. Strike 3:  They already accepted your friendship request…. And you want it again…?  You are now officially struck out of the game!
When your out… YOUR OUT!!
Does your Dealership not know where to start? Ignite XDS can help your Dealership & create a Social Media Strategy with custom graphics, uniquely tailored strategy & gain fans for you.
Check us out on Facebook & Contact Us – (877) 907-2968

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