Fan VS Friend… An inside look at the value each holds for your Dealership Facebook Page.

Is there really a difference?

You better believe it!

They are far different in comparisons for your Dealership and Strategy for your online dealership marketing. Here are a few things to take into consideration when understanding the difference between the two.

As a Fan Page represents a business, a Fan is someone who has trusted your business, loves what you do or have done for them, which helped them come to you by word of mouth, promotions, service, new purchase, events & dealership branding. Earning fans are a chore and if you haven’t earned them, you need to start looking at ways to do so.

As a Friend / Profile Page representing your business, your dealership is all ready stepping in “HOT WATER” with Facebook Policies. A Friend page is more commonly used for interacting with friends or family. Selecting a Friend is easy for your Dealership, cuts out the hard work the internal social media manager that you have employed within your dealership. Why not? The number of “Friends” on your Facebook Friend / Profile Page looks better to the higher ups when asked where the Dealership Social Media Efforts are heading.

The benefits of a Friend / Profile Page is many of us as individuals have one. Your internal staff, office staff etc. can leverage their friends and family to “Like” your Dealers Fan Page. Friends and Family rely on suggestions from you! Now what happens when Facebook gives you the warning? You will try your hardest to move those Friends over to Fans. 90% of the time you will find yourself chasing them to “Like” that specific page. That right there tells you “You didn’t actually earn the status of trustworthy to be a Fan”.

Let me ask you this “What are you going to say to them when Facebook shuts you down”…………?

You might as well pack up your bags and take a walk. Dealerships across the nation have been thrown over backwards by invalid titles & invalid expertise.

A Fan is more a valued asset to the dealership in their branding, product & service, which is provided to the Fan base, they have accumulated. If you are not offering the best of services to the customer they are long gone.

A Fan is earned by their experience and more of quality holdings when they are ready to purchase their next vehicle or service.

Your Dealership is more likely to show up in their newsfeed with what you have to share with them and your earned Fans. Fan Pages provides reporting for Interactions & Engagements of how many views your post has received and feedback. Friend / Profile Pages do not, as they are not intended for Businesses / Dealerships.

A Fan provides your Dealership higher chances to spread the word to their family & friends about service they have received & suggest your page to their family & friends.

What are your thoughts on the difference of a Fan & a Friend?

Are you putting your Dealership Social Media Efforts in the midst of being shut down by Facebook?

Why risk the chance?

Does your Dealership not know where to start? Ignite XDS can help your Dealership & createa a Social Media Strategy with Custom Graphics, Uniquely Tailored Social Media Strategy & gain fans for you. Check us out on Facebook & Contact Us Today! You may be eligible to be part of our Charter Accounts!

Jennifer Schrader
National Sales Director
(231) 360-0730
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