The “Good”….The “Bad”…. The “Ugly”… of Creating Profile Pages for your Dealership! (STOP IT)

Put your dukes up and you better believe it that each and every day more dealers are creating a Facebook Profile Page to represent their dealership brand…. I scratched my head wondering why in the world is this still happening! I think I have figured it out.

The “Good” – Dealers are hiring internal social media managers within their store / group. This is a good start as it shows Dealers are starting to kick it up a notch to take their dealership social.

The “Bad” – The social media manager/ Internet Manager/ Internal employee has created a “Friend / Profile Page” for the dealer. Why? It’s so much easier to start requesting friendships all over the place. Why not just start adding them and not earning them.

The “Ugly” – When Facebook catches up to you. Good buy “Friend / Profile Page”. All those friends you requested are gone, your profile is gone & now you have start all over again.

Why is this happening still? The reason comes down to this, the lack of properly researching Social Media before launching it and no strategy is in place.  Plus to the owner / manager it looks good when you have 500+ friends if not more. Why not, it just looks real good because all you had to do was start sending friend request and keeping your fingers crossed they will accept the request.

If you are looking for loyal and true fans for your dealership Facebook Page, You need to earn them the right way!

Once you have your basket full of friends on your profile page for ABC Motors, you then start blasting your newsfeed with constant post about your CARS, ME, ME, ME, ME, CARS, ME, ME and so on.  Don’t expect to be in their feed for too long or risk the loss of friendship.

With a Profile Page you can’t see the Insights, Impressions and the tools to see if anyone is looking at your post. Basically you are throwing a bunch of mud at the wall without any tracking abilities and thinking “I wonder if they saw that post today”.

Not doing the proper research beforehand can prevent your dealership the headache of losing out on the recognition / branding you are trying to build for your social networks, especially for the dealership.  If you don’t know what to do, hire an outsourced company that knows where to start and work with your dealership to take the next level of social networking for you.

Social Networking for your Dealership is a lot of hard work, very comparable to selling cars. It’s no easy task & you can’t expect overnight miracles.

Having an outsourced company that is educated in Social Media will create all Social Networks for your dealership(s). Uniquely tailored strategy, Custom Graphics, Customized Apps, Creative Content, Fun & Engaging post can help your dealership get social the right way the first time around.

Having the proper team work for your dealership with Social Media is not just putting up post or creating a fancy wall to represent your business but to gain fans, earn them and work with outlets to create more of an impact through your dealership social media efforts.

Take a gander at our Facebook Page which is filled with Case Studies & Strategies of what our team does and can do for your dealership.

No aspirin needed here!

Jennifer Schrader
National Sales Director
Ignite XDS

T: (231) 360-0730

  1. Nice, very needed post!

  2. Christine, Thank you very much! I am glad this post as helped you. Let me know if there is anything I can be of assistance! Have a super social day! – Jen Schrader

  3. Criss Castle says:

    You try to warn fellow dealers and they give you this look like that would never happen to them. When they lose all that work, it will be not be just a shame, but a crying shame when they realize how much time and energy they wasted.

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