The morning routine has always been around. It used to begin with sitting down at your desk with your cup of coffee and checking the latest faxes and memos. Maybe you had time to sneak a look at the newspaper for work-related ‘research’ (also known as last night’s box scores).  Fast-forward a few years and the routine has slightly changed; Memos turned into emails and your cup of coffee turned into a grande espresso. Now, the typical morning routine starts before you even walk in the office door when your emails, Facebook, and sport scores all appear magically on your cell phone all while you brush your teeth.

Just as the morning routine evolves, so does the world of dealership marketing. Although all social media outlets are important, Twitter is one that is commonly overlooked, but one of the most important in the auto industry. To help you from abandoning your Twitter account like a disregarded memo from the 90s, here are a few Twitter tips to help you build your brand.

Think Local

Use the ‘Search’ tool in Twitter to follow your city officials, local business, and sports teams in the area. Retweet local events, business specials, and sports scores. You’ll become a resource for the community on what’s going on and may even become the go-to place when someone is trying to check the scores while ‘researching’ during their morning routine.

…And Think Big

Twitter is full of automotive experts, brands, enthusiasts, and potential buyers that are more than willing to build relationships with you. Just as you search for local Twitter accounts, search for bigger accounts, such as OEMs, auto review sites, and automotive bloggers. By creating conversation, retweeting, and replying to their tweets, you will increase your following and be looked at as an expert in the automotive industry.

Use Your Manners

Social Media Rule 101 is that what you say on the Internet is forever. Of course that refers to negative comments, but positivity goes a long way too. Do you have a new follower or did someone RT you? Thank them and build a relationship with them. Check out their bio, see where they’re from, follow them back, and start a conversation with them. Believe me, they’ll remember that in the long run.

Commit Yourself

Twitter, like all social media outlets, doesn’t take a vacation. It is active 24 hours a day, oozing information. Commitment is one of the most important keys for Twitter success. Now, I’m not suggesting that you have to be tweeting at all hours, millions of times a day, but it should be something that is always in the back of your mind. Remember, the conversation is always going on, it is just up to you on when you want to join in on it.

From our very own Paige Plant @ Ignite XDS

Paige Plant
Marketing and Social Media Director

Ignite XDS

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