Online Dealership Marketing – It’s Just Like Dating

I recently left a sales meeting where one of the participants likened the sales process to dating. I got to thinking, about how that thought could actually be expanded to include your entire Dealership Marketing program. Taking that thought one step further, if your dealership’s online marketing strategy doesn’t resemble the dating process…maybe it should!

Consider this:

The First Meeting

Think about how you’d like to be treated, on your first date. You’d want someone who was genuine and sincere, maybe a little funny, and of course easy to talk to. You’d want someone who listened to what you had to say and didn’t try to dominate the conversation. You’re certainly not interested in them telling you about past dates. (But if someone else did, you’d probably be very interested). Finally, can you even imagine a first date with an insurance agent who tried to sell you a policy that night…YIKES!

Put Your Best Foot Forward

If you were truly interested in the person you were dating, you’d most likely dress accordingly.  You’d iron your shirt, maybe buy a new one, groom yourself appropriately, and muster up the confidence to let your true personality shine. Think of how that relates to your online persona. Is you website tired and old? Is the content on your Facebook page flat boring…or worse someone else’s. Does your brand match across all mediums? (Nothing worse that mis-matched socks).

Be Real

The old saying starts out –  fool me once…and the new saying goes something like – anything posted on the internet lasts forever. So think about what you’re saying and doing. Your date, your customer, or worse, your prospect is watching. Real is good, phony will come back to haunt you like a 1970’s kitchen. Care about what your date has to say and then offer your response. Keep it short, often times asking more questions, and when your date asks about you, it might just be time to close the sale.

Be Willing to Invest the Time

When you look across the table at your date, do you like that person? Do you want to spend more time getting to know them? Or are you just eager for a one-night stand? Logic tells us that  long-term relationships take time to cultivate and grow, but pay great dividends. Your online Dealership Marketing falls directly inline with this thinking. One-night stands can’t be sustained, the slightest wrong move kills the deal. There is NO loyalty. And, no sooner than a better deal comes along, they are gone forever.

So fix your dealership up, set the proper expectations, be prepared to invest a little time, and then get out there. After all, there’s a whole bunch of fish in the sea just looking for Mr., Ms., or dealership right.


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