…or better said – Is it time to dump your advertising, email and direct mail programs?

So you want to become a dealership marketing superhero. You want to see your picture on the cover of Digital Dealer, to speak at conferences, to have throngs of adoring fans. You want to move a ton of metal. Well, here’s a few things to consider on your path to stardom.

Stop Interrupting People!

No one likes to be poked, bothered or interrupted. That includes your customers, prospects, friends, neighbors – nobody!  Ever wonder why 91% of people have unsubscribed from an email list they previously opted-in to? Do you realize that 44% of email goes straight from the mailbox to the trash box? And 86% of people skip TV ads too. They simply don’t want to be interrupted, and these days – They don’t have to!

Superheros Serve People! – Start Serving your Community

It used to be a lot easier to find your audience; TV, radio, newspaper and the Yellow Pages pretty much covered them.Those days are long gone, and just like the original Superman series, they seem pretty cheesy to the public. Today, your customers are online. Period!

  • 78% of people use search engines to conduct product research
  • 57% of US adult internet users conducted a search TODAY
  • 93% of US adult internet users are on Facebook
  • And possibly most important the average car-buyer only visits 1.3 showrooms prior to buying

Get the point? Simply said, if you’re not on top of your online game, both web and social, your dealership is like Gotham and the Joker is having his best day.

Inbound Marketing is Your New Spinach, Popeye!

Interruptive marketing has seen better days – even though its still feels comfortable, its results are not lasting. Sure you might create a slight bump for a day or two, but then what? Do you really have the budget to sustain that bump day after day, after day, indefinitely?

It’s time to take your message where the customers really are. It’s time to start creating content and relationships that will last, and even grow over time. Start a social media program designed to serve your community’s needs. Get involved. Get engaged! If you don’t have time, or don’t know how – Hire someone that does.

Remember, Every Superhero Needs a Sidekick

Don’t go it alone. Do you produce all the creative for your ads, emails and direct mail? Do you print them, hand deliver them, own the TV station? Of course not, you use experts in those fields and rely on their knowledge, experience and equipment to get the job done. You simply focus your attention on what message you want to present, define your store’s persona, its marketing and sales goals, and then you work with others to accomplish those goals.

Your online marketing should be no different. Batman needed Robin. The Green Hornet needed Kato. To become a Dealership Marketing Superhero, you need a strong team you can count on. A team that’s on top of the rapidly-changing social landscape, that understands analytics and how to use them, a team that’s creative, and one that can communicate with your community. You can either build that team of hire one, but most certainly get a team.

Everybody loves a Superhero. Your dealership is counting on you. And, who knows if you end up creating something remarkable, they may even make a movie out of your story.

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