“Like” your own post on Facebook? What are your thoughts?

Are you guilty putting up a status on your profile page or a post on your fan page and liked it. But what does it really do for you and your business?

Facebook does provide the ability for users to “like” their own status or post then on top of that Facebook also provides the ability to like the comments received.

Yes it does show that you are proud & excited about your post but does it really make that much of an impression, especially when you are the only one liking that post?

For a business page it can skew the impressions & interactions of that post that you personally liked by a little bit.

What are your thoughts & opinions about liking your post? Will this benefit your interaction or engagement with your fans or friends?  Or is this a habit that we constantly “like” our post / status?

We would love to hear your feedback on what you think.

Jennifer Schrader
Ignite XDS
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  1. Steven Paul says:

    Although I see where this could be an issue if you are tracking impressions and interaction numbers but I took a marketing class last summer that focused on Facebook and one of the things they said was that it users and customers are more likely to also “like” and even comment on a post if someone else has already “liked” the post… I do it about 50% of the time but I try not to overuse. My advice would be to NOT like the ones that you would want to track the numbers on.

  2. There can be many views and opinions on this subject. I personally feel it is something that should not be done especially during a contest, campaign or any time of marketing efforts put forth for the business themselves. When you post a status that all ready tells you that you “like” it!

    Thank you for the great feedback Steven!

  3. The Ceej says:

    If you don’t like your own posts, why the hell are you even posting them? And, if you can’t like your own posts, how can you expect anyone else to. Liking your own posts is a good thing. To not like your own posts shows you post things you don’t particularly care for.

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