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On average, dealerships convert 20% of sales customers into service customers. Why are they allowing 4 out of 5 customers walk out and do business with the competition?

Why? Because their processes are flawed! They have plenty of information (data) about customers that they could use to re-market those customers, but it is unmanageable and scattered across the organization. They always plan to follow-up with customers. Perhaps they even send out an oil change notice occasionally and see a spike in traffic. But have they truly engaged these customers? Without a definitive strategy, that is methodically implemented, creating lasting customer relationships is nearly impossible.

Ignite XDS has the retention strategies and the solutions your dealership needs. We harness that unruly data and empower it. Ignite XDS’ messaging techniques are highly personalized to each individual. And, if the customer shows up unexpectedly for service, the Ignite XDS solution will automatically rescheduled that customer’s future message. Your dealership will gain customer trust and advocacy because each of them will know you understand them.

You know why this is so vital?

• NADA reports that 72% of customers that regularly use a dealership for service will make their next purchase there.

• As well, NADA reports: “Dealerships face increased competition from independent service stations and quick-lube centers” (Source – NADA Data 2009: Economic Impact of New-Car and New-Truck Dealers).

• More than 2/3 of customers leave because of a business’ indifference or bad attitude (Will Maguire, 6 Reasons We Lose Customers)


Ignite XDS brings the auto dealership to Facebook, allowing dealerships to privately brand Facebook pages for deeper engagement and targeted campaigns. Through applications and dealer-specific content, Ignite XDS provides social media and web marketing solutions to car dealerships looking for efficient, effective, and measurable brand image and community engagement.


Brighton Ford leads by example in promoting local businesses and creating community events

On June 3, 2011, Brighton Ford held their 7th Annual Brighton Business-to-Business Expo. The Expo brings together hundreds of local businesses and promotes commerce in the Brighton area and is completely free of charge to both vendors and patrons. A pancake breakfast is included, cooked by the employees of Brighton Ford. The 7th Annual Brighton Business-to-Business Expo also joined with the American Red Cross to have a donation center at the Expo.


The consistent goal of the Brighton Ford Business-to-Business Expo each year is to keep money in the community and give local business the platform to meet, network, and support each other. The Business-to-Business Expo also allows the community to learn more about their surrounding businesses and encourages them to choose local when making purchasing decisions.


Initial planning for the Brighton Business-to-Business Expo begins three months in advance. Once all of the details are set, local businesses were contacted by Brighton Ford and given the information for the event. Registration began shortly after and table assignments were given throughout registration. Businesses were also informed of the American Red Cross Blood Drive taking place during the Expo. They were encouraged to make an appointment to donate.

Ignite XDS began all design work for the Expo shortly after all of the information was finalized. Flyers, signs, and Facebook images were created for the Expo and distributed accordingly. A web banner and static page were also created and posted on the Brighton Ford website, promoting the Expo, giving information, and allowing businesses to register online.

Two-weeks prior to the Brighton Business-to-Business Expo, Ignite XDS wrote and distributed press releases to community contacts, online forums, newspapers, television news, and radio stations. This press release focused on informing the media of the Expo and inviting them to come and cover the event. A second press release was written and distributed one-week before the event. The emphasis of this release was to encourage the community members to attend the Expo. It also promoted the blood drive and gave instructions on how to make an appointment. By creating a two-fold system for press release distribution, Ignite XDS was able to create a higher awareness of the Expo, while addressing different points.

Promotional efforts by Ignite XDS then became centered on the Brighton Ford social media outlets. Ignite XDS highlighted every participating business as they registered for the Expo on the Brighton Ford Facebook page. A paragraph was written about each business in the ‘Notes’ section and linked to their Facebook page if it was available. The ‘Notes’ were then posted on the Brighton Ford Facebook page and used as promotional pieces. This created interested content and cross-promotion with local businesses. It also gave the businesses an area where they could mention and specials they would have at the Expo for attendees.

An event was created on the Brighton Ford Facebook page, with its own unique, branded graphic. All of the Brighton Ford Facebook fans were informed of the Expo, encouraging them to attend. A separate Facebook event was created for the Blood Drive including details and instructions on how to make an appointment. Both events were then shared on the Facebook walls of local businesses and media.

On the day of the Business-to-Business Expo, Brighton Ford cleared their entire lot, setting up tables, chairs, and tents for the vendors. Photos were taken and used as interesting content the day of the event and as a follow-up to the event. Videos were also taken of local businesses, promoting both the Expo and the business.  


The 7th Annual Brighton Business-to-Business Expo was a great success. Over 225 local businesses were represented at the Expo; each bringing unique and interesting services and offers. Many patrons and vendors also enjoyed the free Pancake Breakfast. Over 1,500 people from the Brighton community and beyond were brought to the Brighton Ford lot.

John Payne, from Kelly Brothers, LLC, a participating vendor in the Business-to-Business Expo stated, “The event was well planned and orchestrated with competence. The customers we invited and attended were impressed at the event, and most certainly, will spread the goodwill that Brighton Ford exhibited in our community.”

Scott Spitler, of Brighton Ford, emphasizes the meaning of the Brighton Business-to-Business Expo to the Brighton Ford dealership, “Our passion is the people of our community and the Brighton Business Expo is a great way to celebrate that passion.

Through media and news contacts, social media outlets, and community interaction, Ignite XDS was able to create the press coverage and public attention needed to make the Brighton Business-to-Business Expo and Blood Drive a huge success.


Ignite XDS brings the auto dealership to Facebook, allowing dealerships to privately brand Facebook pages for deeper engagement and targeted campaigns. Through applications and dealer-specific content, Ignite XDS provides social media and web marketing solutions to car dealerships looking for efficient, effective, and measurable brand image and community engagement.

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Don’t Worry! It’s not what you think it means. “Where’s The Fans”

Your dealership now realizes they need to create a Fan Page, Maybe you got the warning from Facebook giving you the heads up or worst of all, got shut down. Now you need to get cracking!

You are sending out request to all of your friends to notify them of “WE HAVE MOVED” & politely asking them to come over to the fan page…. The truth is “Very little merge over”. Getting to merge your friends you have feverishly had the joys of selecting easily for your dealerships profile page is not the same as “Earning” your fans!

You have a boat load of Friends, It seems that they would jump right on your request to visit the new page and simply click “Like”.. But it doesn’t. Here are the reasons why it is not an easy yet simple task to do so.

I have bad news for you….. 75-80% of the friends you have on your page will not come over to your fan page!

Due to the lack of knowledge, education and pulling the wool over the GM / Sales Managers & or Owners eyes, you have now placed the dealership in the position of starting all over again the hard way.

Why aren’t my friends coming over to my Fan Page? The taste of sour reality is soon to come your way if you don’t have your Facebook Page set up the right way, the first time around.

There are 3 Strikes you will encounter when trying to move your Friends of your Dealership Profile Page to your New Fan Page.

Here are 3 reasons why they are not jumping for glory to come to your begging for your business and to be a loyal fan.

  1. Strike 1:  The request of a “Friend” is for social interaction with their friends and family, Not Business.
  2. Strike 2:  You have not earned their trust as a Fan.
  3. Strike 3:  They already accepted your friendship request…. And you want it again…?  You are now officially struck out of the game!
When your out… YOUR OUT!!
Does your Dealership not know where to start? Ignite XDS can help your Dealership & create a Social Media Strategy with custom graphics, uniquely tailored strategy & gain fans for you.
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To see our hard work and efforts truly pay off by seeing this comment on a Friday morning makes it well worth it!

This is better than coffee!

Check out their page & see for yourself on the Social Media Strategies implemented into My Import Auto Center by visiting them on their Facebook Page!

Are you looking for a Social Media Strategy and don’t know where to start? Contact Us Today and let our Social Media Experts help take your Dealership to the next level with Social Media!

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Fan VS Friend… An inside look at the value each holds for your Dealership Facebook Page.

Is there really a difference?

You better believe it!

They are far different in comparisons for your Dealership and Strategy for your online dealership marketing. Here are a few things to take into consideration when understanding the difference between the two.

As a Fan Page represents a business, a Fan is someone who has trusted your business, loves what you do or have done for them, which helped them come to you by word of mouth, promotions, service, new purchase, events & dealership branding. Earning fans are a chore and if you haven’t earned them, you need to start looking at ways to do so.

As a Friend / Profile Page representing your business, your dealership is all ready stepping in “HOT WATER” with Facebook Policies. A Friend page is more commonly used for interacting with friends or family. Selecting a Friend is easy for your Dealership, cuts out the hard work the internal social media manager that you have employed within your dealership. Why not? The number of “Friends” on your Facebook Friend / Profile Page looks better to the higher ups when asked where the Dealership Social Media Efforts are heading.

The benefits of a Friend / Profile Page is many of us as individuals have one. Your internal staff, office staff etc. can leverage their friends and family to “Like” your Dealers Fan Page. Friends and Family rely on suggestions from you! Now what happens when Facebook gives you the warning? You will try your hardest to move those Friends over to Fans. 90% of the time you will find yourself chasing them to “Like” that specific page. That right there tells you “You didn’t actually earn the status of trustworthy to be a Fan”.

Let me ask you this “What are you going to say to them when Facebook shuts you down”…………?

You might as well pack up your bags and take a walk. Dealerships across the nation have been thrown over backwards by invalid titles & invalid expertise.

A Fan is more a valued asset to the dealership in their branding, product & service, which is provided to the Fan base, they have accumulated. If you are not offering the best of services to the customer they are long gone.

A Fan is earned by their experience and more of quality holdings when they are ready to purchase their next vehicle or service.

Your Dealership is more likely to show up in their newsfeed with what you have to share with them and your earned Fans. Fan Pages provides reporting for Interactions & Engagements of how many views your post has received and feedback. Friend / Profile Pages do not, as they are not intended for Businesses / Dealerships.

A Fan provides your Dealership higher chances to spread the word to their family & friends about service they have received & suggest your page to their family & friends.

What are your thoughts on the difference of a Fan & a Friend?

Are you putting your Dealership Social Media Efforts in the midst of being shut down by Facebook?

Why risk the chance?

Does your Dealership not know where to start? Ignite XDS can help your Dealership & createa a Social Media Strategy with Custom Graphics, Uniquely Tailored Social Media Strategy & gain fans for you. Check us out on Facebook & Contact Us Today! You may be eligible to be part of our Charter Accounts!

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The CHEAP efforts of Social Media results in Social Media Disasters!

As dealerships nationwide are hustling to create a social network outlet for their stores, they are taking on anyone that says “I know social media” but do they really?

You may have found yourself taking on the internet department manager, top salespersons kid, office manager, college kid etc. They socially interact & engage with their friends but conducting it for a business is a whole entire ball game.

Taking on an individual that may know social media but don’t know where to start can create a Social Media Disaster for your dealership branding and community recognition.

I am seeing so many dealers creating Profile Pages and selecting friends left and right, which are going to cause your dealership profile page to be shut down. No ifs, ands or butts about it. How are you going to convert those over to fans? You may see a small percentage being moved over upon your request but did you really earn their business in the first place? 90% of the time, No!

With Gm’, Sales Managers & Owners taking the quick trip to cheap internal social media, you will find yourself getting cheap results in the long run which end up in a social media disaster.

Let’s say you got a fan page all ready, that is the first step. But if you are promoting a giveaway of an $800 Ipad 2 to a fan base of 250 where are you getting your bang for your buck? I see this on a daily basis.

Where are you at with your Social Media Strategy? Do you have one in place right now? Who do you have running your Social Media Strategy within your dealership?

Here are a few questions you need to consider when looking at your social media efforts within your dealership & to see if they are working for you.  

  1. Do you have a profile page or a fan page?
  2. Do you have a minimum of 1,500 fans?
  3. Is your dealership posting daily?
  4. Do you have a Twitter & You Tube set up along with a Facebook Fan Page?
  5. Are all of your post about cars, buy here today, financing etc?
  6. Do you have fans engaging on your posts?
  7. Is your social media manager providing you case studies?
  8. Are you being provided the results, impressions, engagement & leads from your social networks?

If you answered NO to many of the questions above… Your dealership may want to look elsewhere for your social media efforts & fast.

Outsourcing your Social Media Efforts will not just provide you the benefit but create a persona for your dealership efforts socially. Getting back in front of the customer or potential prospect will pay off in the long run that will prevent your dealership from experiencing a Social Media Disaster!

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