Social Networking surpasses the addiction of Alcohol & Drug symptoms

Here is something we can chew on for a bit

With Social Networking being a popular outlet to searching friends, checking updates, product search, reviews & feedback from your connections, did you realize you may be addicted?

A study conducted by the University of Maryland’s International Center for Media & the public agenda, Salzburg Global Seminar’s Salzburg Academy on Media & Global change has brought out some interesting details on this new addiction.

The scientist deprived the heavy internet users from any social media outlet such as; Internet, Mobile, ipads, Twitter, facebook, email & so on for 24 hours.  The volunteers were allowed to write down notes, read books & no use of any sort of hi-tech technology.

With their surprise, the volunteers quickly started to exhibit dangerous syndromes, which are typical for both alcohol & drug addictions.  Not just psychological but also physical.  Anxiety, fear, coldness, feeling of isolation, feeling of “being on a bad diet.

You now may be asking, “Why in the world are you writing about this particular subject as social media is one of your main marketing of your products”?  We have to realize that Social Networking is the new form of Google when searching for the next vehicle purchase.

According to facebook for the US alone, 5 Million users are under the age of 13, 80 Million are Female & almost 67 Million are Men.

20 % of the US population; independent, tech savvy, engaged & demanding (19-31 years old) generation, this is a new breed of consumer when purchasing a vehicle.  By 2012 this generation will account for 40 percent of the car buying population according to the Deloitte’s Survey, which brings me to my next point.

Roughly 70% of those customers within that age bracket are claimed to sway a friend’s vehicle purchase which they also have a large amount of influence of their parents. 61% claim they directly influence their parents final purchase decision for their next vehicle.  88.7% ask their own friends for their opinions about a vehicles brand or model before buying a car and 79.6% claim of those respondents that their friends have a big influence on their purchase decision as well.

67% of this newly engaged consumer, look for information on a vehicle brand or model on social networking sites, which is up from 25% from the 2009 survey by Doloitte.  The research conducted further by this engaged consumer is more broader & deeper; 86% use search engines, 87% visit the auto dealers manufacturer’s website & 88% visit vehicle reference sites to compare features & prices before making their purchase.

With this consumer, there is no second chance! 52.4% of this engaged high tech savvy consumer say a bad experience with a dealer would cause them to never consider that brand of car again!

This is where social media networking is huge to the auto dealer themselves and if done properly, you can make a huge positive impact. Yes, you can slap up a facebook fan page, twitter account and so on but if there is no properly set social media strategy in play your dealership is reaching into thin air.

What are you waiting for?

Jennifer Schrader
National Sales Director
Ignite XDS
(231) 360-0730


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