Still twiddling your fingers debating on taking your dealership social?

With 78% of small business owners stating they are planning on spending more of their marketing budget for Social Media as they did in 2010 is huge! Why still twiddle your fingers debating on taking your dealership social?

With the current use of social media tools such as facebook, linked in, twitter & blogs; a staggering 69% currently use social media at their companies. Business’s that currently don’t take on social media indicate that 41% of them are looking to implement social media in the next 3 months.

Social media is an outlet to reach out to more customers virtually without having them come to your front door.  Due to the fact that it’s more convenient for the consumer to research, review & interact with the business owner/ business via social media.

With that in mind, only 36.5% of the small business owners claim they only update their social media content once a week! Social media is a full time commitment for it to work properly for your business & fan base. This falls into the mistakes that dealers make by only trying it for a short period of time then claim it does not work for them or they grab an internal individual that has no idea of a social media strategy to represent your business.

Having a fully dedicated team will help improve your social media efforts & having the proper social media strategy set in line for an improved impact for the dealership socially.

This is where Ignite XDS comes in play.  Our dedicated social media expert’s creates a uniquely tailored social media strategy daily, weekly, monthly & yearly for your dealership socially.  Ignite XDS and their variety of outlets helps not just create all of your social media accounts however will manage them daily to multiple times per day! No fans? No problem! This is where we specialize in getting you fans by a minimum of 1,300 fans within the first couple of weeks and build more everyday!  

With Ignite XDS managing your social media, your dealership won’t have to be the 36.5% as listed above, we take care of everything for you! Take a look at the dealers below that we manage!

My Import Auto Center

Perry Auto Group

Brighton Ford

Thomasville Ford Lincoln

Roy O’Brien Ford

If you are interested in learning more about Ignite XDS and our Strategy, stop on by to or contact us below.

Jennifer Schrader
National Sales Director
(231) 360-0730


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