Fan page YES! Fan base NO!

Each morning I scan through many fan pages for dealerships nationwide and check out their amazing fan page just to get an idea what dealers are doing within each region.  I then to start to notice a trend on 95% of all the fan pages I come across, very little fan base.

After scratching my head a little & digging deeper all I see is constant post about cars, vehicle incentives, automatic feeds, etc. I think you get my point on that one. 

But what I also notice is the lack of interest & interaction with the fan base they have if any at all. Do you really think that your fans are all about your overloaded car posts ? Nothing fun or engaging, just a bunch of car stuff over and over again.

The consumer is all ready bombarded with loads of advertisement of why buy here, buy today or the last post was 3 months ago. Why do it on your fan page? This is your business! This is starting to become a common mistake for dealers nationwide when trying to manage their facebook fan page.

Either it is handed off internally within the office to be handled and managed or just forgotten about. You must keep in mind as I pointed out earlier that there is little fan base. Fans don’t come to you because you are there. Now this is part of the efforts needed (blood sweat & tears) to create a fan base and that is part of the reason why the dealership fan pages fail. Your dealership needs a Social Media Strategy set in place for not just your fan page but your Twitter & You Tube too to create a fan base.

Here is a great example of a dealer that has taken their facebook fan page to the next level & created a Social Media Strategy for the entire year!

As you scroll through their page you don’t see a bunch of car stuff or automated feeds. There are a lot of everyday items posted to be fun & interesting. There is a lot of engagement from their fan base too. 

Why neglect your fan page as this is a part of your dealerships advertisement & branding. Don’t have time to manage it or create a fan base! This is the secret sauce that Ignite XDS has & we can help your dealership get to the next level!

Jennifer Schrader
National Sales Director
Ignite XDS
(231) 360-0730


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