Stop trying to “SELL” cars on facebook….! The “Big Mistakes” of Dealers gone social!

Posted: May 24, 2011 in Automotive, Automotive Social Media, creating content, Dealership on Facebook, Social Media
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Facebook is not your dealership website so stop trying to “Sell” Cars on Facebook!   

I cannot tell you how many times I see in my newsfeed the amount of post from Auto Dealers still putting up “2% financing for 36 months” “Come down and buy a car today” “Test drive this car today” and so on. Enough is enough!

Take a moment to look at how many fans you have… And ask yourself “How many of these fans have my post blocked in their Newsfeed” or “Is anyone paying attention to my post”? I can tell you right now most have you blocked or they breeze right by your post.

Your fans did not come to Facebook to buy a car, they came to interact, socialize, review products, get advice  & see what is going on with their friends.

When I review a dealers website, (after hearing them go on about how much time they put into Facebook & updating it daily) I do see lots of post & activity however what is lacking is the actual interaction with the customer.  No comments & no feedback.  Just a bunch of over loaded car stuff.

Here below are some BIG MISTAKES dealers are facing when trying to go social or have all ready gone social.

  1. Setting up a friend page and not a Fan page.  This is one of the largest mistakes dealers are doing which is caused by the lack of taking the time to properly read up on the requirements & creating a social media strategy when going social.  This is a direct violation from Facebook.
  2. Incomplete Information created on the Fan Page. The Fan Page is representing your Dealership. Why have it incomplete with data and content for your fans to see.  Think of me coming to your dealership with my friends and you have no inventory, no chairs to sit in, Services Bays with no Service Techs & so on.  Take the time to complete the information.
  3. High Quality Graphic representing your dealership. A picture of your building in a small 100×100 pixel image is not the way to go.  Creating a   quality graphic representing your dealership helps represent you and the dealerships branding.
  4. Posting constantly about the promos you have with finance, check this car out, come test drive today, great lease deals; need I say more.   Customers are not here to buy a car. If you keep this up you will lose the fans you started with.
  5. Overloading the feed with OEM updates about the cars.  This is a major turn off to the consumer right there.  This goes back to constant post about  buying a car, test drive one today, me, me, me, & me… I think you get my point.
  6. No Fans? Creating a Facebook Fan Page is one thing, gaining your fans are another. What are you doing to get your fans? This is one of the largest mistakes dealers have encountered is the actual leg work that is entailed in a proper social media strategy.
  7. No time. You may have a Facebook fan page however there is no updates. If there are it was from a few months ago.  Taking your dealership social is not a once a year thing, it is daily, monthly and consistently.

Dealerships are taking the next level of creating a successful Social Media Strategy by outsourcing to companies that specialize in creating a Social Media Strategy for their Dealership.  There are companies out there that do take on the task of Social Media Strategy however fail the dealer due to the inability to gain the fans & properly marketing social media to its fullest advantage.

Let me show you some examples of a few dealers that have taken on the services of Ignite XDS and how engaging their Facebook fan pages are to their dealership.

Brighton Ford

My Auto Import Center

Perry Auto Group

Check us out at

Jennifer Schrader
National Sales Director
Ignite XDS
(231) 360-0730

  1. Doug Blankenship says:

    I absolutely agree. Why is it that too many dealers can’t see past what’s happening right now and use social media the way it was meant to be used; as a way to show the human side of the dealership and how the dealership is an integral part of the community.

    Dealerships employ a good number of people from the surrounding community. Let the relationships these employees have with their community come through in social media. You will find that the trust level from the surrounding area will get better and better as they get to know your dealership better. THIS is the goal of usig social in your store.

    • Doug you are absolutely right! Many dealers are struggling on taking this new twist of marketing & doing it correctly. When done correctly the dealer can make a large impact for their social community. Brings back memories when dealer felt they didn’t need websites and surely didn’t want to budge until it was too late or they have been ran through the ringer many times of non successful online marketing.

      Working with the employees to help generate the name of the business via Social Networks is largely overlooked. After reading several articles, post & statistics the new generation is a largely influence of decision making via social media.

      Why wait around when the other guy down the street will be ahead of you. Uh oh… my brain is kicking in on a new article!!

      Thank you for the comment!

  2. kim says:

    you obviously have no clue what you are talking about..we sell 10 cars a day on facebook alone and and our fans like hearing about the new cars, options, promos, and service specials…put up free full car wash with every test drive and see how many people roll into the dealership and drive cars..its business 101 nobody is gonna know about your specials/promotions if you dont tell them about it and facebook hits more people instantly than radio, tv, or print ever thought they boils down to if people dont want to know about these things they will block you which is fine..but when someone is in the market for a car and they see an advertisement for a good deal or something different than the other guy is doing they are at least gonna call or email and ask about it…that is the job of advertising right to get people in the door or on the phone talking to a salesperson…do us all a favor and spare us your ignorant ideas you obviously make up in your head…its so funny to see articles like these i bet you havent been in the car business one day in your life and your trying to tell dealerships how to sell cars…do me a favor research and compare how many cars dealers who dont update there facebook page several times a day with info for customers sell compared to dealers who update there facebook page all the time…i gurantee you the one who stays the most active sells the most cars

    • Kim, Apparently you have not taken the time to do your research to see what I have done in the past and current. Before you start judging, take a moment to read up on who you are judging. I had to giggle about it a bit. Yes I know that Facebook & all relevant social media tools can help turn inventory over fast, create job notifications within the dealership, fundraising however the point is when irrelevant information is being plastered all over someones feed, you are going to be most likely removed from the feed.

      I am not sure if this is your way of going out there to read a OPINION BASED ARTICLE and throwing out your nonsense remarks however again it is based upon my opinion only. I have sold many many many of cars and have been back to back top salesperson months on end. I do know what I am talking about.

      Take a moment to reread the article in a different sense and actually see what I mean by not overloading a Fans feed with overly done car promos!

  3. cars online says:

    thanks for the recomendations

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