Why wait around for your Dealership to go Social?

Why wait around for your Dealership to go Social and be behind your competition? Going Social has taken a new level of customer interaction.  The US Internet users spend 3x more minutes on blogs & Social Networks than viewing their email. So those email blast you are doing isn’t as effective as last year.

While nearly 2/3 of US Internet users regularly use a social network of some sort. Facebook is the most popular and largely growing one. No matter what age bracket, we are all going social.

With the effect of Social Media on consumers and the impact it can make on a decision to purchase a vehicle is dramatically huge now.  So why wait around? It will be too late if you do.

Social Media is just not created to play around it has real business value for your dealership. Social Media was the leading “Emerging Channel” for lead generation for the year 2010. With that in mind, Social Media conversations actively influence purchases.

Among all the benefits out there with digital marketing, 63% of companies using Social Media say it has increased marketing effectiveness – among the other benefits social media has provided. 

Engaging with the Social Media world and your consumers is a beneficial impact of their purchasing decision and why they should come to you.  With 61% of US Marketers using social media has been used to increase lead generation.

The bottom line to your dealerships online success is going Social & having the right team help you manage it for you.

Take a gander at these dealers for they have went to the next level with our services & did not wait around to go Social.

My Import Auto Center www.Facebook.com/myimport

Perry Auto Group www.Facebook.com/perryautogroup

Brighton Ford www.Facebook.com/brightonford

Thomasville Ford Lincoln www.Facebook.com/thomasvilleford

Check us out at www.ignitexds.com

Jennifer Schrader
National Sales Director


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