Don’t Buy Your Dealership Fans…… Earn Them!

Posted: May 10, 2011 in Automotive, Automotive Social Media, creating content, Dealership on Facebook, Social Media
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A Quick Insight on Earning your Fan Base!

With the online shopper taking a dramatic turn to Social Media Resources to get more guidence, advice & reviews on their next online vehicle purhcase is huge! Do you know how many times a customer will now visit a dealreship showroom? 1.3 showrooms! As before (5-6 years ago) a customer would check out 5-6 Dealership Showrooms..!

Are you buying your fans?

What I mean by that; how are you engaging & earning your fans on Facebook? Your Dealership may have a Fan Page, or in most cases that I still see are “Friend” Pages (Big Mistake). Your internal department may be putting up post of the New Lease Special, New Model Premier Arrival & such. But is it really working for you? I can assure it is not.

Your Facebook Fan / online consumer is not going to run to you because of a lease special  you posted, Come Buy From You Today etc etc; It will bog down their news feed & you are more than likely to be removed from their feed if not “Unlike” your page!

Let me show you a few dealers that have taken on our Social Media Services at IgniteXDS, which we kicked them into high gear, to the point of earning more than 3,500 fans in less than 2 weeks!

Brighton Ford  –  4,665 Fans & Growing more & more each day!

My Auto Import –  3,100 Fans & Growing! They started with only 165 fans for the course of a year! They jumped up to 2,200 fans in 30 days! They are now above 3,000 fans!

Roy O’Brien – 750 Fans & Growing! They started 2 weeks ago at 310 Fans for an entire year & dramatically increased to 750 fans in less than 2 weeks! They are at over 1,719 fans as of June! Way to engage and gain!

You now may be asking how it is being done. On these Fan Pages listed above you will see firsthand the interaction the fan base has with the dealership. How do we do it? That is the Secret Sauce that is implemented into the everyday activities conducted by the Social Media Team at Ignite XDS.

Are you interested in taking your Dealership Facebook Fan Page to the next level? If your answer is “YES” Be prepared for the positive impact & huge return you will receive from the large increase in Fan Base that Ignite XDS can build for you!

Jennifer Schrader
National Sales Director
(231) 360-0730


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