Bring your Car Garage to Facebook Socially…. What…?

Posted: May 5, 2011 in Automotive, Automotive Social Media, Dealership Website Designs, Social Media
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Bring your Car Garage to Facebook Socially…… WHAT…?

As automotive dealerships start taking on more steps toward Social Media, A new turn & twist has arrived for not just your new customers but also your current customers & fans. While your dealership is socially interacting with your friends, family, customer & fans, why not take it to the next level and incorporate your Own Garage!

With Ignite XDS, their innovating ideas and creativeness has made this a true reality by creating not just a visual presence on Facebook however creating a flexible application to integrate on your Dealership Facebook fan page. 

My Garage is a lead generating, RO tracking, direct-marketing application for your customers that will not just provide the ability to service their vehicles however increase service retention rates & lower the cost of acquiring new customers!

My Garage gives the ability for your customers to load every vehicle they own into this convenient, easy to use application that reminds them when each vehicle needs maintenance, Service Reminders & Recalls! Automatically!  That is every car they own, regardless if they purchased that vehicle from your dealership or not. Those opted-in messages, emails and / or texts come from your dealership.

After all, what dealership doesn’t want to be helpful?

Take a test drive by visiting us at Ignite XDS today!

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Jennifer Schrader
National Sales Director
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