5 Easy Quick Tips to Creating a Custom Banner!

Posted: April 28, 2011 in Automotive, Custom Graphic Designs, Dealership Website Designs
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5 Easy Quick Tips to creating a custom banner!

Taking on a new website provider or even if you have a current one, you may have asked yourself where do I start to create banners for my new or current website?

Keep in mind your banners are a first initial point of advertising to the consumer when they land on your dealership website. If there is nothing there that captures their attention, you are going have a high chance of losing them & most importantly their interest of your virtual dealership.

Before receiving my degree in Graphic Design, I had to pull in resources to help myself with creating simple custom banners. Here are 5 quick tips & resources to help you with creating a banner.

Step 1: What Software do you need? If you don’t have a software program like Adobe CS4 or 5 you can resource to software called Snagit.  This is inexpensive software that you can keep for life! Less than $55.00 and provides you with a large amount of tools and features. Grabbing up images from the web, start fresh with a custom sized banner, adding text on the fly & images!

Step 2: Where to get the images from? If you are a franchised dealer, your OEM provides you a large amount of Ad Planners / Marketing Images and much more at your finger tips. If you don’t have those available to you, taking images of your dealership, staff, inventory is ways you can start incorporating images to a banner.  I personally use Dreams Time for my images. They offer a large variety of images, royalty free, and at a very low cost to help you get a high quality image for your banner.

Step 3: Where do you start? Here are a few ideas to help you get started once you get your software, images lined up to start your banner.  What promotion are you running this week or month? Make sure you incorporate that into the banner you are creating.  Placing inventory on a banner will help you move that inventory faster (aged inventory works well). Why should they buy from you banner, is a great one that helps the consumer click on the banner and link to an about us page or why buy from you page. Creating unique content that is relevant to the banner will help you get more recognition within the search engines also.

Step 4: How do you get them to click on the banner? That is simple. Creating calls to action which are readable and catchy on the banner will help the consumer click to see more. “Click Here” “Why Buy” “Find out more” “Contact Us” and so forth. This again, with a custom banner will direct them to where you want them to go and capture their attention & interest.

jen schrader designs call to actions

Step 5: What do you save them as? JPEG or a PNG or depending on what your website provider recommends the image to be saved as.  As listed the most common ones are a JPEG or PNG file image. Once you upload them, make sure you double check the links to ensure they go to where you want them to link to. Make sure they are also readable, it’s not attractive to have a banner up & you cannot read the text or the images are fuzzy.

Having your work colleague’s review them, friends, family etc. will help you get the feedback you need. Once you do that it will help you create a visual impact for your dealership and for your online consumer experience.

I am here to help, if you need me to provide more ideas, tips & tricks; I would be more than happy to lend a helping hand!

Jennifer Schrader
(231) 360-0730


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