Taking the “Service” away from “Customers”… What do you expect?

Posted: April 26, 2011 in Automotive, Custom Graphic Designs, Customer Service, Dealership Website Designs, Uncategorized

Taking the “Service” away from “Customers”… What do you expect?

I posted an update on Facebook today in regards to this exact subject as it is a touchy one in my mind. This is an answer I received which really made sense:

“You get customers creating an unorganized mess of a particular area they know nothing about…”

When taking away Customer Service to a client that is paying you for the services can hit home to many of us from a simple Cell Phone company trying to resolved their bill, Requesting assistance from your local resource center to find where to donate clothing items etc.. The list can go on. 

Take a moment and just think how it would be with no one there? No one to pick up the phone, No one to answer your questions? But to only have an automated message asking for your feedback… OUCH!

Customer Service is not just an part of me however it is a part of life when purchasing services & or products from a company regardless of what the company is offering or selling.

Not having that Customer Service can create a lot of angry customers, disgruntled customers and loss of major business. 

Customers & or Clients are looking for help in areas they are not familiar with, best practices, reviews, what is the other guy doing and so on.  Why take it away when they are the ones that makes your monthly payments each month.

Just my thoughts escaping me again!


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