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Free Creative Ideas on Creating Content for your Website…….  Why should I buy?

I cannot tell you how many times I have spoken with a dealer and asked them why I should buy from them while assisting with creating content for their dealership website, and not know what to say. No worries, this happens more than we like it.  All profit centers have to have a reason to encourage the online consumer to come buy from them regardless of the product or service they have to offer.

A quick tip is to get with each department manager and encourage them to create content on that specific department. Why should I as online consumer buy from you?

Below are a list of questions I created for dealers to assist with “Why should I buy” to help trigger those responses needed for your dealership website.  These questions can be easily incorporated to your website to help give your online consumer the more reason to do service & business with you.


  • Why should I buy from [your dealership]?
  • What makes you different from the Dealer down the road?
  • Why should I refer my family and friends to your dealership?
  • What is offered if I purchase a vehicle from you?
  • Why are your prices so low from the other guy?
  • Do you have a Facebook Page, Twitter, You Tube etc?


  • Why should I buy from your Pre-Owned Department?
  • What warranties do you offer?
  • Do you have Auto Trader?
  • Do you have Auto Check?
  • What inspections do you have done for the pre-owned vehicles?
  • Do you offer a 30 day return policy?
  • What do you take in on trades?


  • Why should I have my vehicle serviced at your facility?
  • Do you have awards?
  • What is your Customer Satisfaction?
  • Do you offer free oil changes for first time buyers?
  • Do you have Certified Technicians?
  • Do you offer any warranties for your parts?
  • Do you have a referral program for your customers?


  • Why should I get my vehicle repaired at your collision center?
  • Do you use water based paints?
  • What insurance companies do you accept?
  • Do you offer a rental car?
  • Do you offer pick me up services?
  • Do you offer free estimates?
  • What do I need to do to schedule an estimate, body repair etc?
  • Are you certified? If so, what certifications do you have?
  • Do you have any awards, recognitions, testimonials?


  • Tell me about your Finance Department
  • Do you offer Extended Insurance Programs (i.e. Warranty Programs etc ) if so what are they?
  • If I have bad credit how can you help me?
  • If I have good credit how can you help me?
  • Why is your finance department different from the guys down the road?
  • How many lenders do you work with?
  • Do you work with local credit unions?

Once you have compiled all the answers from your profit centers you can now start adding them to a custom page that your website provider has for you. This will not just spark the interest of the online consumer but to create relevancy within the search engines for your online dealership website.

Jennifer Schrader


5 Easy Quick Tips to creating a custom banner!

Taking on a new website provider or even if you have a current one, you may have asked yourself where do I start to create banners for my new or current website?

Keep in mind your banners are a first initial point of advertising to the consumer when they land on your dealership website. If there is nothing there that captures their attention, you are going have a high chance of losing them & most importantly their interest of your virtual dealership.

Before receiving my degree in Graphic Design, I had to pull in resources to help myself with creating simple custom banners. Here are 5 quick tips & resources to help you with creating a banner.

Step 1: What Software do you need? If you don’t have a software program like Adobe CS4 or 5 you can resource to software called Snagit.  This is inexpensive software that you can keep for life! Less than $55.00 and provides you with a large amount of tools and features. Grabbing up images from the web, start fresh with a custom sized banner, adding text on the fly & images!

Step 2: Where to get the images from? If you are a franchised dealer, your OEM provides you a large amount of Ad Planners / Marketing Images and much more at your finger tips. If you don’t have those available to you, taking images of your dealership, staff, inventory is ways you can start incorporating images to a banner.  I personally use Dreams Time for my images. They offer a large variety of images, royalty free, and at a very low cost to help you get a high quality image for your banner.

Step 3: Where do you start? Here are a few ideas to help you get started once you get your software, images lined up to start your banner.  What promotion are you running this week or month? Make sure you incorporate that into the banner you are creating.  Placing inventory on a banner will help you move that inventory faster (aged inventory works well). Why should they buy from you banner, is a great one that helps the consumer click on the banner and link to an about us page or why buy from you page. Creating unique content that is relevant to the banner will help you get more recognition within the search engines also.

Step 4: How do you get them to click on the banner? That is simple. Creating calls to action which are readable and catchy on the banner will help the consumer click to see more. “Click Here” “Why Buy” “Find out more” “Contact Us” and so forth. This again, with a custom banner will direct them to where you want them to go and capture their attention & interest.

jen schrader designs call to actions

Step 5: What do you save them as? JPEG or a PNG or depending on what your website provider recommends the image to be saved as.  As listed the most common ones are a JPEG or PNG file image. Once you upload them, make sure you double check the links to ensure they go to where you want them to link to. Make sure they are also readable, it’s not attractive to have a banner up & you cannot read the text or the images are fuzzy.

Having your work colleague’s review them, friends, family etc. will help you get the feedback you need. Once you do that it will help you create a visual impact for your dealership and for your online consumer experience.

I am here to help, if you need me to provide more ideas, tips & tricks; I would be more than happy to lend a helping hand!

Jennifer Schrader
(231) 360-0730

My new adventure……..!! Behold the presence of the Social Media World…!!

My newest adventure is just around the corner and now just starting to slowly bring it out into the open.  I recently have been accepted at Ignite XDS as their National Sales Director.  This is a great honor to take on such a position and a new outlook for my career within the automotive industry.

The education I have received over the past 15 years has helped mold me into the individual I am today. Customer Service is not just a service it is a “Value” that I hold true too from the initial contact of an interested prospect throughout the entire relationship I have with my client(s). This is what makes my position different than any sales role I have had.  Customer Service & Value comes first!

What is Ignite XDS? It is your Dealership on Facebook to help your virtual dealership generate sales & service leads directly from facebook.  Exposing y our virtual dealership to over 500 million potential customers, no joke!

With the abilities that Ignite XDS will have available to dealerships nationwide is not just a fruit basket filled with yummy fruits & snacks however it is a powerful one that offers many features & tools to help you be recognized.

Why not bring the community to you, instead of you chasing after the community!

Being a simple plug in for your service customers, showcasing your inventory, Build your Own and the list goes on. Providing innovating products created by brilliant minds.

The Social Media Strategy of Ignite XDS is what really caught my eye! The creativity, involvement, flexible features & tools have been proven to take you up and above the dealer next door.

As I take on this new position more announcements will be coming. Take a gander at the site and check it out Ignite XDS. This may be the product is what you have been looking for all along!

Jennifer Schrader
National Sales Director
Ignite XDS
(231) 360-0730

What your Vendor may be lacking

Before you go searching for a vendor and doing your due dillegence for the GM, Dealer Principal and most important of all the Dealership itself. You may want to dig a little deeper into your vendor on Customer Service.

The Vendor may have a large reputation within the automotive industry with powerful products, top of the line Search Engine Optimization etc; you may want to know what is going on with the customer service side of things?

After doing a bit of research myself, about 80% of companies will lack in the most important department within the Vendor itself. That is Customer Service. Having the utmost & top notch Customer Service to ensure you as a client is happy is the key point for long term cusses. This is overlooked on many occasions.

Here is an example and even you may have experienced this. When you call a company to ask questions about your loan you may have through GMAC or any large organization. 70% of the time the person you are talking too is foreign, hard to understand and you never speak with the same person. They type in a few key word searches to pull up your account and they review the notes. That is very irritating on my end and of course your end as a client.

With qualified and a properly trained Customer Service staff, Customer Retention comes in play for the long term effect for the Vendor themselves. This also applies to dealerships to have excellent customer service skills; this will enable a current client to stick with the dealership to purchase their future vehicle from you and your dealership & pass the good word on.

Sticking with your clients through the thick and thin will be a benefit on your end & the vendor you choose for your dealership.

Here are a few key points to help you during your vendor research.

• Ask the vendor for a minimum of 20 references and 10 clients that are not posted on the vendors website

• Call each and everyone to speak directly to the main contact. ( questions to ask )
* How is the customer service?
* Do you speak to the same person?
* Do you have a customer service rep assigned specifically to your account?
* How often does the Vendor follow up with you personally, not including emails, actual phone calls?
* How available is your Customer Service Rep?

The questions above can help you make a wise, smart & educations choice when choosing a vendor for your dealership. Having your questions answered, problems solved and have the best vendor in the automotive will help you achieve your long term goals.

GM’s and Dealer Principals are pleased to have me as their main contact, which they can call me on my personal cell phone directly or have a fast response via email. Taking the time to show that I care on a customer service level, vendor and personal level the client is happy!

Many vendors again are lacking on this as they are looking for the next deal for which causes the current client to fall behind and unnoticed.

That is the reason many clients go searching for the next provider.

Jennifer Schrader

Taking the “Service” away from “Customers”… What do you expect?

I posted an update on Facebook today in regards to this exact subject as it is a touchy one in my mind. This is an answer I received which really made sense:

“You get customers creating an unorganized mess of a particular area they know nothing about…”

When taking away Customer Service to a client that is paying you for the services can hit home to many of us from a simple Cell Phone company trying to resolved their bill, Requesting assistance from your local resource center to find where to donate clothing items etc.. The list can go on. 

Take a moment and just think how it would be with no one there? No one to pick up the phone, No one to answer your questions? But to only have an automated message asking for your feedback… OUCH!

Customer Service is not just an part of me however it is a part of life when purchasing services & or products from a company regardless of what the company is offering or selling.

Not having that Customer Service can create a lot of angry customers, disgruntled customers and loss of major business. 

Customers & or Clients are looking for help in areas they are not familiar with, best practices, reviews, what is the other guy doing and so on.  Why take it away when they are the ones that makes your monthly payments each month.

Just my thoughts escaping me again!

Riverside Toyota of Escanaba Welcome Welcome aboard Riverside Toyota of Escanaba!

Must I say this to notify you all of the great successes with Riverside Toyota of Escanaba and the management that I have been working with over there. Peter Stratton, General Manager has taken the next step to creating a unique presence to his new automotive website.

With creating the banners and design for his online visitors & shoppers to see will help them with their next online purchase. 

With his organization being a Toyota franchise, we taken his ideas and his consumers in mind when designing the customer graphic banners from Jen Schrader Designs to help him create a clean & unique look to his virtual dealership.

Thank you Peter Stratton for letting myself and Jen Schrader Designs help you with your online success!