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Dealership Day Care….. “WE’VE GOT OPENINGS”

I am going to be very passionate with this subject, as I want to make sure you understand where I am coming from and for the reason I chose this particular article title.

I speak with many dealers’ day in and day out and hearing them say they have no choice but to choose a certain website vendor per the OEM / Manufacturer told them they had too.  This places a sour taste in my mouth along with the dealer themselves.

From a National level I can see where they want to make sure their individual dealers are hitting numbers and selling their brand to help the manufacturer expand further into the consumer via online or even the newspaper but “WHAT ABOUT THE INDIVIDUAL DEALER”………..?

The individual dealer’s are being pushed into a corner to make a choice; from a national level they never look at the competition the dealer has down the street or even up to 30 miles away.  Why is it that the OEM / Manufacturer pushes so hard for the dealer to make a choice? Look the same as his competitor? And penalizes the dealers if they don’t?

The dealer is the one who sells the cars, gets their names out and pushes the manufacturer’s brand. Shouldn’t the dealer push the OEM / Manufacturer to make a choice?

It really bugs me that an OEM / Manufacturer can push around the dealer so much and hang things in front of them to choose a certain provider. When is the Manufacturer going to look at the individual dealer themselves? They all ready have to keep up with compliancy let alone having to choose a provider to purchase their website from.

The dealer is the one who has to fight for the sales each and every day and work harder to hit their numbers each month.  Why in the world do they want to look like their competitor down the road online?

The dealer wants to make themselves unique, stand out & look different to attract the online consumer as this now is the new age of shopping online.

The shuffling of dealers from a national level, reminds me of a full time day care service provider.  Being told what to do, when to do it and if you don’t do it this is what happens.

When are the OEM / Manufacturers going to step up and say “They are right, let’s give the dealer the choice this time?”

I won’t hold my breath. The dealer is the asset and should be taken care of with the utmost intentions.