When to say “NO”

Posted: May 13, 2010 in Automotive
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I want to touch base on this subject “When to say NO” to a family or friend that is a member in the Vendor side of the automotive business. It is nice to have connections close to you to help gain information & ideas of upcoming technology they have to offer but do you have to feel obligated to purchase that product from them?

I have spoken to connections from time to time and occasionally it is brought up that a close friend is working on their website or they specifically purchase products from a family member that is a vendor. I am not saying it is wrong to purchase from family or friends but do they expect you to purchase from them?

I know I do have a few friends / family members out there that like to push products and it gives me an offish feeling because they do expect me to purchase from them because they are a close friend or family member.

What if you said NO? Is that going to cause them to be upset or break a friendship? I hope not. You shouldn’t feel obligated to purchase because of the friendship or relationship you may have. You should be supportive of their due diligence of their product they may have to offer to you and your company.

Trying to break it lightly and being supportive of their product will help them understand you are using a product that may be a little better than what they have to offer at this time. Providing ideas & suggestions to them will be beneficial.

Doing full research of their product will be a great step to take for their product may offer better tools etc. than the current one you are using at this time or plan on using in the near future.

I do refer vendors that I do have close relationships with to help them out to establish a pipeline of some sort for marketing purposes that is if they are looking for a product that will benefit them.

Don’t feel obligated to buy, just do your research. You don’t have to base just 1 decision for you and the dealership you work for; provide them with a variety of choices, features & benefits.


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