My Dog Ate My Internet Manager

Posted: May 12, 2010 in Uncategorized

My dog ate my Internet Manager

Where has your internet manager been lately? Have you not noticed? Do you have him / her shoved into a back room or even back of the service department? Holed up and away from the general public? If so it would come down to the old saying “My dog at my Internet Manager” as an excuse.

I am not sure if you told your parents that your dog ate your homework in the past when you were a kid and if that excuse ever worked. This is an excuse many GM’s GSM’s and Dealer Principals use due to the inability to make the change for the evolving technology within the Automotive Industry.

Pushing your Internet Manager into a backroom is a disaster. Why? Let me tell you why.

When an Internet Manager is placed into a backroom, no windows etc. you are preventing your Internet Department to be successful. This is not an encouraging way of enlightening your Online Sales to increase & it surely does not give the IM the encouragement and recognition they deserve.

You may be thinking in the back of your mind “Well the Internet Manager doesn’t even see the online consumer”.  Times are evolving and consumers are getting smarter & smarter each and every day with their online buying experience. Many of them know that dealerships now are implementing the Internet Department.

Internet Departments = Technology NOT Internet Departments = Doghouse

For a tech savvy client to come into your dealership to meet with the Internet Manager and come to find out the Internet Manager doesn’t even have an office in the front, it is way back behind the service department…….!  Come on now….  Would you like to have your office back there? If no, do you think they do?

Let me just say, when your Internet Department / Internet Managers performance starts to dwindle, don’t blame them for their lack of efforts however take a moment to think outside of the box & see where they are located at within your dealership.

This department is where you need to be involved, support & encourage. Why take it away from them & most importantly “Take away more sales from your dealership”?


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