Sloppy Joes…..YES! Sloppy Sales…..NO! – Automotive Digital Marketing Professional Community (ADM)

Posted: May 9, 2010 in Uncategorized

Sloppy Joes…..YES! Sloppy Sales…..NO! – Automotive Digital Marketing Professional Community (ADM)

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Sloppy Joes…..YES!     Sloppy Sales…..NO!

Yes I love Sloppy Joes and they are a savior after a long day of work. They are easy to make and the family is happy!

What I don’t like are Sloppy Sales! Meaning the sloppy job many Internet Sale Managers do and take advantage of.  Yes it is nice to sell a vehicle online; the vehicle is delivered to their door without even meeting them in person. (Many dealers just use the transporters to deliver and sign the paper work). It boils down to a quick and easy sale for you and your dealership.

Where does the sloppiness come in play? First of all many online consumers don’t even want to deal with a sale man or even let alone the dealership. However there are consumers that do their full research as they are looking for further educating their purchase decision.

If you sell a client via email, online or just that you have a wonderful voice, this does not give you any reason that they are still looking for a follow up. A thank you by video, constant follow up, referrals and such.

Online car buyers that come into your dealership to pick up their purchase & sign their paperwork don’t get the full attention they deserve.

I seen this happen many times when a client comes into the dealership, the team assumes they know all the information they need to know so a proper delivery is not taken place. This is where the sloppiness comes in play.

Regardless if you sent them many photos inside and out of the car, 360 spins, videos, specifications etc. they need to have a full walk around no matter what!

You may be saying “they said they didn’t need one”…..!  If you ask the customer if they would like to have a full personal walk around, it will not just help them it will further educate yourself as a salesperson. Consumers love to be a part of educating the salesman to further their success for more sales.

Online consumers may be armed and dangerous with lots of information but do you realize you may not be armed enough to surprise them with what they may not be aware of.

Don’t let your online sales department crash and burn!

Jennifer Schrader


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