Number Fluffing? NO WAY………! – Automotive Digital Marketing Professional Community (ADM)

Posted: May 8, 2010 in Uncategorized

Number Fluffing? NO WAY………! – Automotive Digital Marketing Professional Community (ADM)

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Have you taken the time to view your site’s actual performance? Or even your Internet Managers performance at that?

Let me ask you a few questions that may help you understand where I am coming from and where you can improve your habits as a Dealer Principal, General Manager or even as a Sales Manager.

Do you sit with your Internet Manager at least once a week to go over and review what is listed below?

  • Incoming leads
  • Conversion ratios
  • Cost per sales /lead

I am mean hard core actual realistic numbers.

The internet sales business for the dealership is a large way of creating additional revenue for the dealership however are you keeping an eye on it more closely?

Hearing stories & seeing Internet Managers fluffing numbers to make themselves and their department look good can actually be more damaging in the long and short run of success.

Fluffing numbers to show upper management prevents that department to get the help they deserve and identifying what can be done to help improve the sales within that department. This also falls into the category of not needing to fluff the numbers to make that department look good and on top of it the Internet Sales Manager.

I am not throwing the Internet Sales Manager / Internet Director under the bus here. It is hard to find that right person to lead up that specific department that has integrity and honesty with providing the true data to you and your management staff.

You as a Manager of the dealership needs to take and create a habit of checking with your Internet Manager a minimum of 1 day a week for a couple of hours.  Asking the basic questions to start you off below:

  • What are our Unique Visitors?
  • How many leads were generated?
  • How many leads were converted to sales?
  • Cost per sale / Cost per lead?

Have your internet manager show you the facts that are readable to you and actual website stats, lead count etc. can help you identify if there is needed help within that department or another team member may need to take over.

The Internet Manager / Internet Director is only going to hurt themselves and the Dealership too.

Having a structured department and a supportive management team will prevent from the Internet Manager to fluff numbers in the first place. (I will cover that more in an upcoming article)

After reviewing the data provided from your Internet Manager / Internet Director will gain trust & support their passion of what they can do best. Selling more online!

  1. I have to say, every time I come to there is another interesting post to read. One of my friends was talking to me about this topic a couple weeks ago, so I think I will send them the url here and see what they say.

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