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Automotive “Virtual Internet Manager” & “Virtual Dealer Advocate

With over 90% of vehicle research conducted online, what are you missing?

Are you causing your customers to leave your website and not realize it? can help you not lose the traffic you deserve. With state of the art advertising abilities and skills, we want to help you!


Have you ever thought to yourself; How many internet sales are you losing? Daily, Weekly, Monthly even hourly. This is from not taking the time to update your current website with the information the online consumer is looking for.  The online consumer is not looking to get the lowest price, they are looking for the best information.

As a consumer myself, I look for the most provided information when it comes down to online shopping.  If that NorthFace jacket has all the information I am looking for, 90% I am more likely to buy.

Take a moment to look at the web stats on your site.  Gander through the pages viewed.  You will see a large amount of visits are going directly to New Car Specials, Used Car Specials, Incentives / Rebates, Finance Specials even Service & Parts Specials.

If you don’t have anything posted, what is the consumer going to see? Nothing!

There are many resources available online at 1/4 of the cost an in-house internet manager would cost. A low monthly cost to have your website updated on a monthly basis so you and your dealership are not losing business due to the lack of time dedicated to maintaining your website. provides these services to you and your dealership. With a large background of Automotive Sales, Internet Sales, Advertising, Marketing and E-Commerce, the Virtual Internet Manager can provide you the services you deserve.

Banners, Ads & much more!

Visit the Virtual Internet Manager online today!

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